3 Of The Best Ways Uninstall “Skype for Business” From Your PC [Latest]

You may have ever heard about Skype for Business and found this feature sometimes becomes troublesome. here Methods to uninstall Skype for Business from your PC.

If you are also struggling with that same problem, then you are in the right place. In this article, I will show you all the ways to disable and uninstall this feature in Windows 10. 

Skype for Business

“Skype for Business,” which is also known as Microsoft Lync Server. It is a unified communications platform that integrates common channels of business communication and online meetings, including instant messaging, presence, video conferencing, and so on. 

While working in offices, it is an essential tool as it helps you connect with all your colleagues and help you share the information. Thus, Skype for Business provides us a channel by which we can communicate in an organization.

Skype for Business is available anywhere there’s Internet access.

Use calling features from a desktop, laptop, or mobile device all without requiring a VPN. 

Skype also has this fantastic feature of Common calling such as answer, forward, transfer (consulted and blind), hold, divert, release, and group pick up as standard.

 You can also easily switch between a headset or speakerphone without interrupting a current call or without placing a call on hold. 

With Skype for Business, the other person feels like they are in the room. Forget “tinny” sounding conversations and hear the other person as if they stood next to you.

To put it more clearly, you can use this feature to stay connected with your peers proactively. With this feature, you can communicate with others conveniently in your daily life.

 However, Skype for Business sometimes brings you some troubles, like eating lots of disk space.

Storage is the major problem that most of us face in everyday lives. 

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It is the digital world of multitasking where every day, we have some new files that add up to our storage. Therefore, Deleting the applications which are no more in use but taking the Disk space is a must. 

Skype for Business is one of those applications that run in the background. Whenever you switch on your PC, this application also gets started in the context and thus occupies our RAM. 

If you also face such condition when there is a shortage of space, then you have two options :

You have to decide whether you need that application anymore; if yes, then you can disable it temporarily to save the disk space. 

In this case, you can use our method one, which is mention below. 

Else, if you don’t want to use that application anymore, then you can permanently uninstall it. In this case, you can use method two or method three stated below.

Sometimes, we may run into 100% Disk Usage on Windows 10 caused by the combination of Skype and Google Chrome browser settings.

 But please don’t worry, as there are various tools available these days that shows practical ways to fix this issue.

  • Therefore, you can choose to disable or uninstall Skype for Business from your Device. And this article shows some working methods to disable or uninstall Skype for Business.
  • You need to note that if you are using Office 365 Skype for Business, then it is impossible to uninstall it from your computer unless you remove the reset of the Microsoft Office site. 

Now let us dive deep into the solutions. There are mainly three ways by which we can uninstall or disable skype for BusinessBusiness from our Device:

  • Method 1: Disable Skype for Business via Skype Settings
  • Method 2: Uninstall Skype for Business via Control Panel
  • Method 3: Uninstall Skype for Business via Registry Editor

Method 1: Disable Skype for Business via Skype Settings

The first method is to disable Skype for Business via Skype setting. This method will not completely uninstall the application. 

Thus if you have to use it again in the future, then you can easily use it by enabling the setting. With this method, we are just temporarily Disabling this application so that no extra memory space is required. 

But if you wish to uninstall this application from your Device permanently, then you should use method two and method 3 to achieve it. 

To disable this feature to prevent it from starting up, You have to follow the instruction below step by step.

Step 1: Open the Settings of Skype for Business, 

Step 2: Navigate to the Tools tab and choose the Options option.

Step 3: Select the Personal option from the left side of the window, and uncheck Automatically start the app when I log on to Windows 10 and Start the app in the foreground.

Step 4: Click the OK button to confirm the changes.

Step 5: Click the Settings button again on the Skype for Business interface and choose File and Exit in order.

After these five steps, you have successfully disabled Skype for Business from your PC, and you will no longer see it, although it is still on your computer. Thus, now your major part of the memory gets free up. 

Method 2: Uninstall Skype for Business via Control Panel

By using method two, you can permanently delete your profile from Skype for Business and then uninstall it from your device to free up space. Make sure that you do not need this application because, after following these steps, your profile information will be deleted permanently from the database.

NOTE: If you do not want to delete your profile permanently, then you can disable it by following the method one described above.

This method requires you to clear all your profile cache for the Skype for Business account and then uninstall it from Windows 10 via Control Panel.

Here is the detailed tutorial on uninstalling Skype for Business. Follow these instructions step by step to get your work done right.

Step 1: Open your Skype for Business and then sign out of this application.

Step 2: In the Sign in the interface, please click the Delete my sign-in info option.

[ Note: This step will permanently clear all your profile cache for the Skype for Business account and will disable the auto sign-in when the application opens.]

Step 3: Close Skype for Business.

Step 4: You should uninstall Skype for Business like any other software on your computer. Therefore, please go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > Uninstall or change a program.

Step 5: Choose Skype for Business and click Uninstall.

[ Note: If you don’t see Skype for Business listed, it means that you are using an Integrated version with other Office 365 apps. The only way to uninstall it is to remove all of the Office from your computer.]

Method 3: Uninstall Skype for Business via Registry Editor

If the above two methods don’t work, the third choice is to uninstall it in your Registry. 

The third method, which we are going to discuss, deals directly with the central Registry of your PC. 

Therefore, while erasing any Skype records from the Regist, if you change the Registry improperly, significant issues may happen. 

Therefore, To be safe, I will suggest you back up your Registry before making any modifications. 

It is always the right practice to back up your data while trying out new things. Because precautions are still better than cure. 

Thus, the very first step would be to create the backup of your Registry before following the further steps. The message will get prompt on your screen after a successful backup procedure.

Now, let’s see how to uninstall Skype for Business from Windows 10 via Registry Editor. Follow these instructions step by step to get the work done right.

Step 1: Press the Windows icon and R key simultaneously. 

Step 2: The Run box will appear. After getting a Run box, please type Regedit and click the OK button to access the Registry Editor window.

Step 3: In the Registry Editor window, please navigate to the Edit tab and then choose the Find option.

Step 4: Type Skype for Business into the Find box and click the Find Next button.

Step 5: Use right-click to delete all the search listings.

After following these five steps, the Skype for Business will get successfully uninstall from your PC. 

These were some of the methods by which you can uninstall the Skype for Business from your PC and free up the memory space which it has taken. You should always keep organizing your things. 

It is the right computer practice. Deleting the unwanted applications and making up the space for new ones and using every bit of space wisely. 

Removing the unnecessary files and folders and uninstalling the unused applications will not only free up the area for the new ones but will also boost up your PC and make it work faster and efficiently.

I hope this article would have helped you to uninstall your application Skype for Business and free up space in your PC to add a new and updated app.

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