20 Of The Best SaaS Startups in India In 2020 [Latest]

These days, the software industry is growing at a pace in our country. It is essential to know about the existing Saas Startup companies to launch a one. This article guides you about the top 20 saas startup companies in India.

This article focusses on product features, funding,etc.

The top 20 saas Startup companies are:

1: Agile CRM Built With for Love for Small Businesses

Founder: Agile CRM was founded by Manohar Chapalamadugu in 2013. Currently, the team size of this organization is 70. The Head office is located at Hyderabad.

Funding: As per the records, the company has bootstrapped its resources.

Many small businesses and marketing companies are getting benefitted by this Saas Startup company. Web pop-ups and advanced templates are being designed to help the business and marketing companies to automate their processes.

2: Capillary Enabling Omni-channel Commerce

Founders: Capillary was endowed by Krishna Mehra, Aneesh Reddy and Ajay Modani in 2008.

Funding: 3 companies have funded this company.

  1. 15.5 million$ was funded by Sequoia Capital.
  2. Fourteen million$ was gathered from Norwest Venture Partners.
  3. Forty-five million$ was funded by Warburg Pincus. 

Capillary’s team size is 200, and their workplace is at Bengaluru.

Capillary works on big data and cloud computing. With these Saas Startup the fantastic tools, many customers are being helped to increase their savings, discounts. Capillary has reached 70 million consumers, and 140 brands are being served by this company.

Revenue: More than 1 million$

3: ChargebeeThe Smartest Way to set up your Subscription Billing

Founders: Chargebee eas endowed by Krish Subramanian, KP Saravanan, Thiyagarajan T, and Rajaraman in 2011.

Funding: This company was funded 6.17 million dollars by various companies, and from that, 5 million$ was funded by Tiger Global and Accel Partners.

Chargebee’s team size is more than 100, and their office is situated at Chennai.

Similar to Agile CRM, Chargebee is also an e-commerce company which helps most of the companies to automate their payment collection, invoice. A payment platform is also provided by this saas company to ensure transactions are performed transparently.

Revenue: More than 1 million$

4: ExotelNever Miss a Business Call 

Founders: This company was founded by Shivakumar Ganesan in 2011.

Funding: Exotel was funded 500,000$ by Mumbai Angels and Blume Ventures.

The team size of Exotel is more than 200, and the office is situated at Bengaluru.

Many small and large scale business companies are getting benefitted by this company. Saas Startup Business phone calls are managed by Exotel through a virtual phone system. This robust system works with the utmost efficiency and helps you not to miss a call.

Revenue: More than 1 million$

5: FreshdeskCustomer happiness, refreshingly easy

Founders: Freshdesk was inaugurated by Girish Mathrubhootam and Shan Krishnaswamy in 2010.

Funding: Many companies have invested in Freshdesk

  1. 1 million$ from Accel Partners
  2. 5 million$ from Tiger Global Management
  3. 7 million$ Series C from Accel Partners and Tiger Global Management
  4. 31 million$ from Accel Partner, Tiger Global and Google Capita
  5. $50 million Series E from existing investors.

Freshdesk is the best Saas startup giving opportunities to more than 500 people in its organization, which is situated at Chennai.

Many companies are helped by Freshdesk to organize the calls, emails, forms. The better organization of these things helps a company to exceed and excel in its products. Freshdesk has crossed 50000 customers across the world.

Revenue: More than 1 million$

6: FusionCharts The most comprehensive JavaScript charting library

Founder: FusionCharts was inaugurated by a 16-year-old Pallav Nadhani in 2001.

Funding: As per the records, the company has bootstrapped its resources.

Fusioncharts is Saas startup a Kolkata based company and contains more than 100 employees.

Data visualization products such as maps, charts, dashboards are being designed by this Saas Startup company to help many companies to organize their information collection. The charts, graphs, and panels are created using javascript.

Revenue: More than 4 million$

7: Kayako Taking the Helpdesk a long way

Founder: Kayako was endowed by Varun Shoor in 2001.

Funding: The company has bootstrapped its resources.

This company started its base at Jalandhar, and the current size of the team is more than 150 members.

Kayako is the upgraded version of the kiosk in the updated world. A helpdesk is being provided by this Saas Startup company to customers to purchase tickets or any services. This helpdesk reduces the time and money wastage of people.

Revenue: More than 1 million$

8: OrangeScape Automate Work. Reduce Chaos

Founders: OrangeScape was endowed by Suresh Sambandam and Mani Doraisamy in 2003.

Funding: OrangeScape was funded by 1 million$ by Indian Angel Network.

Orangescape started its operations from Chennai and began its journey with a team of 100 members. Currently, this Saas Startup company has expanded its service to more than 100 countries.

OrangeScape is a saas company which helps small scale businesses and enterprises by automating their processes. When this is done, the company need not spend much time, money, and resources on maintaining phone calls, emails received from their customers.

Revenue: More than 10 million$

9: Knowlarity Giving Business a Voice

Founders: Knowlarity was inaugurated by Ambarish Gupta and Pallav Pandey in 2000.

Funding: Two companies have funded in this startup.

  1. 6.6 million$ was funded by Sequoia Capital
  2. Sixteen million$ was donated by Sequoia Capital and Mayfield.

The company started its operations from Gurgaon with a team size of 300 members. 

Many companies are being benefitted by this Saas Startup organization. The software used by this startup is used to organize a million phone calls in an hour. With this unique capacity, Knowlarity has more than 12000 companies across the globe.

Revenue: More than one million$

10: KooKoo –Communication in the cloud

Founders: This startup is a product of Ozonetel, which was endowed by Murthy Chintalapati in 2007.

Funding: KooKoo has bootstrapped its resources.

This company started its office at Hyderabad with an initial team of 100 members.

Various chatbots are being designed by KooKoo. An excellent interface is being created between the customers and the Saas Startup company. These chatbots perform various phone commands and help in minimizing the workforce, time, and capital.

Revenue: More than 4 million$

11: PubMatic Helping the Publishing Industry Thrive

Founders: PubMatic was inaugurated by Amar Goel, Rajeev Goel, and Mukul Kumar in 2006.

Funding: Various companies have funded a massive amount of 76 million$. 

E from Nokia Growth Partners has contributed a lion share of 13 million$ to this company.

Pubmatic is a Gurgaon based company and started its operations with a team of 700 members.

Pubmatic is a leading marketing automation company that helps to establish a significant relationship between a company and its customers.

 Every single advertisement is taken to the people so that a Saas Startup company can serve more customers. 

Customers are also getting benefitted because they can see the advertisements on a single platform.

Revenue: More than 130 million$

12: VizuryMarketing Made Personal

Founders: Vizury was endowed by Chetan Kulkarni, Vikram Nayak, and Gourav Chindlur in 2008.

Funding: A total of 27 million$ was contributed by many companies. 

A lion share of 16 million$ was contributed by Intel Capital, Ascent Capital, Nokia Growth Partners, and Inventus Capital Partners.

Vizury started its journey with a team size of 300 members at Bangalore.

Vizury uses Big data analytics to perform its operations. This Saas Startup company has customers across 50 countries with 500 clients. 

Revenue: More than 100 million$

13: WebEngage – Engage. Retain. Grow

Founders: This company was founded by Avlesh Singh and Ankit Utreja in 2011.

Funding: An undisclosed amount was funded by Google India.

2.5 crore Rupees was donated by Blume Ventures and GTI Capital.

This company started its base at Mumbai with a team of 50 members.

WebEngage helps many companies to automate their processes, thereby reducing the money, capital, and time. This Saas Startup automation is achieved through websites and apps. Many types of platforms being created by this company, such as single-user and multi-user. 

Revenue: More than 1 million$

14: WingifyBuilding Globally Admired Products from India 

Saas Start up wingifyFounders: This company was founded by Paras Chopra in 2009. 

Funding: This company has bootstrapped its resources

Wingly has started its company outside Delhi with a team of 80 members.

This company tests many of the websites and optimizes for future requirements. Visual Website Optimizer (VWO), which was designed by this company helps many organizations to automate their processes. This company has achieved a great name with its product and expanded its service to more than 80 countries.

Revenue: More than 10 million$

15: ZohoThe Operating System for Business

Saas start up zohoFounders: Zoho was founded by Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas in 1996. 

Funding: Zoho has bootstrapped its resources.

Zoho started its journey from Chennai with a team size of more than 2500 members.

Zoho helps many small business companies and enterprises to take their services to the next level with their product. 

This company has more than 33 products and a worldwide base of 15 million. Many business organizations have achieved a great step with the software which was designed by this company.

16: Inmobi

Saas startup Inmobi

Founders: This organization was started by Naveen Tewari, Mohit Saxena, Amit Gupta, and Abhay Singhal in 2008. 

Funding: Inmobi has gathered a huge amount of 320.6 million$.

SoftBank Capital, Sherpalo Ventures, Kleiner Perkins are the lead investors. 

Inmobi focusses on working with advertisers to publish its advertisements to people. The software developed by this company helps to handle a billion requests per month.

The working place and atmosphere are very friendly to the employees, and there are great reviews on great platforms such as glassdoor.

Revenue: The annual revenue of this company is estimated to be 320 million$. 

17: IBSFINtech

Founder: This company was started by 

Chandra Mohan Grover in 2007 at Bangalore. 

Funding: An undisclosed amount was gathered from many companies through seed funding.

This company provides financial software that helps to manage various platforms from national platforms to international such as forex. The tool helps many enterprises to deal with their money.

This company has customers all over the world.


Founders: This saas company was started by Manoj Dawane and Shashank Mehta in 2016. 

Funding: An amount of 2.8 million$ was collected from AngelList India.

This saas company helps media and tech-based industries to gather data related to demographic and geographic. Analytic views and filters can also be applied in an easy manner. 

Currently, there are 250 employees working in this organization.

Revenue: On its 19th anniversary, Vition has reached a milestone of 1 billion$.

19: Playtonia

Founders: This saas company was started by Anshuman Pandey in 2017.

Funding: As per the records it is founded that playtonia has bootstrapped its resources.

Playtonia is a gaming company that provides a platform to conduct esports across the country. This platform helps to conduct many types of esports competitions across the country.

20: BuildaBazaar

Saas start up buildabazar

Founder: This company was started by Vishal Mehta.

Funding: This company has bootstrapped its resources.

This helps to create an online platform to sell the products of various companies. Powerful web pages are being created by this company to showcase the products to different customers.

This is the information about the top 20 saas companies in India. So, I think with this piece of knowledge of existing companies, one can start a saas company with resources or bootstrapped resources.

I guess there are a few questions in your mind. I hope this questionnaire helps you to find answers to some of the questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1: Is it the right time to start a saas company?

Ans: If you have a great idea and resources, you can start a saas company. The demand for Saas startup companies is increasing every day, and I believe it is never late to start a saas company.

2: Can I establish the company in a remote region?

Ans: There are a few advantages and disadvantages to establishing a saas company in remote areas.

The maintenance cost will get reduced, but it is very difficult to find good employees in remote areas.

3: What are the Saas companies?

Ans: Software as a service is a software(Saas startup) licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. 

4: What are the advantages of saas companies?

  1. Time gets reduced
  2. Lower costs
  3. Upgrades
  4. Upgrades

5: What is the future of saas companies?

Ans: Many marketing and enterprise companies are aiming to use machine learning and artificial learning to automate their processes to reduce the time and cost to the company.

 As discussed in the previous question, the demand for saas companies is increasing every day.

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It gives great competition in the market when you can deliver service within less time and less cost. It is a great sign that many Saas startup companies have crossed 1 million$ within no time.

 This growth indicates that the demand for Saas startup companies is increasing worldwide.

It should be noted that 40% of the companies have bootstrapped their resources, while 60% of the companies received funds from various organizations. 

Indian Saas startup revolution is contributing a great amount to the country’s GDP. I hope these success stories continue to make this list bigger.

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