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Hey, hey, hey! You guys are really missing out! We are circulating this hot new profile review that people are talking about these days. He is no other than the 18 year old from Karachi (Pakistan) called Zeerak Khan!

We didn’t know much about him ourselves so our crew went and asked him a few questions. We learned about him from his role in Vital Tea’s add which went on air quite recently. So here is what he has told us about himself!

How it all began

 “I’ve always been very hyper and wanted positive attention. Since I was a kid, I had this passion for making people laugh or entertain them. I’ve generally always had a comedic personality.

Fast forward to the age of 12, life changed and soon I realized that I need to get on my feet. So I pursued my talent as a profession”. (Zeerak Khan)

 At the age of 16, Zeerak decided that showbiz was where his heart was leading towards. He started out professionally by seeking out opportunities at various studies in Karachi like Oriel entertainment, Rematch studios, Arts Council Theatre Academy and more!

Embarking on the Journey

He has worked as a voice actor, script writer, host, model, and a motion capture actor!

This isn’t all! Zeerak has a knack for cosplaying as well! Zeerak has been seen at many anime cons in Karachi dressed up like Spiderman, The Joker, Quick Silver, and many more! He apparently is a better makeup artist than the women out there.

But of course, when we practically think about it, this all isn’t easy.

“My Father wanted me to be a tennis player. It’s a family sport. I personally love and respect it with all my heart but I knew this wasn’t for me. This isn’t who I wanted to be.

Sure, my parents had odd thoughts, but I am proving myself to them with hard work as my talent is slowly shining. My parents say, do anything that keeps you happy and stable.”

 It’s all in the package of being human. To achieve, something, you have to risk it all and the fact that we are creatures of emotion, prejudice, motivational pride and vanity; the rock threaded path towards success only becomes more challenging.

“Every profession starts with high hopes leading towards failure, leading towards learning; which makes you get back up. You see; if you keep on regretting, you can’t go further. And if you’re always satisfied, there’s no point. The pain, the struggle the mixed feelings are there for a reason! Proving life is up and down and not always on one side.”

The Goal

Zeerak eyes are set on becoming a succesful actor, director, artist and a good person too! He keeps character in high regard and this what’s most likeable about him. Apart from good luck, you probably have got a hint that he has a charming personality. More that using his passion for money and fame, he intend to leave a positive impact on his fans!

“There’s alot that I want people to know, All I can say is the kind of visionary and artist i am i like to bring more fresh ideas and I’d advise big people to give the little people chances to shine, that’s how it works, the ones waiting in line for ages who polished themselves better than anyone deserve the shot. I personally made my ‘Sneaky Zeekee’ page on Facebook to show my creativity to show the ideas and how people with no resources but only ideas can shine!


And that is what I am trying, and I personally advice everyone no matter how big or good you are, criticize in a way you set fire, not bury them. And also, whatever you choose to do, make sure you have fun Otherwise what’s the point?!”

 Pretty inspiring; huh? Well that’s Zeerak Khan for you! There is a lot to this kid that we can write about. Acting seems more of an outlet to express all that he has caged it that he wants to show, tell and teach the world. That’s where his ultimate aim is worth mentioning:-

“I want to help, to cause good as much as I can. Even as much as saving a little child and tell them that the world is not over, giving hope, willing to sacrifice to save everyone. Learning, teaching, exploring, trying to prove the same old things like how good will always beat evil…”


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