Creative writing can be a tough task, and making your content reach the right people is even more difficult. Just when you’re done putting together your masterpiece of words, tactfully addressing all the points that you wanted to, you begin going  around all social media platforms trying to get more and more people to see your work, a broadcast on whatsapp, a status on facebook, a story on snapchat and a post on instagram. Is that what creative writing and blogging all about? Probably not. But then, how do you make your content visible enough to get a few words of appreciation, some constructive criticism, and maybe even a career opportunity?

Golifeinstyle is an online lifestyle magazine for men and women. And it is a very good example. They have attracted good amount of people on their website in very less time.

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If you are one of those writers who want to worry about the climax of your story or the title of your blog rather than choosing the right social media platform for what you create, your good days are here. Indibeam.com is one such start up that aims at providing  a platform  to talented writers and bloggers to explore and enhance their writing skills without worrying about the reach. Its lets you create your content, get expert advice, and also makes your articles or stories instantly available to readers who are looking for variety.

Launched in June 2017, Indibeam is the brainchild of four college friends, Rahul Prajapati, Abhishek Jungi, Jignesh Patel and Hiren Brahmbhatt; who realize that there is a lot of writing talent in the Indian youth, but there is no platform that gives them enough opportunities to showcase their talent. The bloggers and story tellers have a very limited reach on the internet, and most of them, who are good writers, do not know how to make their work meet the eyes of the right people. Indibeam offers the solution to this problem by letting the young writer focus on the writing part of the job while ensuring audience for each write up. It provides free and easy-to-use online publishing platform to writers. The writers who publish their work on Indibeam get a chance to reach out to the audience almost immediately.
Not just the writers, it also gives the readers the variety that they’ve been looking for. It makes available to them works of numerous budding writers, bloggers, and poets. The readers can react to the write ups and give their feedback instantly, thus creating a much required network of writers and readers. The readers can look up for stories, poems, articles and write ups on various topics, and can also request write ups on any topic.

Indibeam.com aims at providing not just audience, but a professional platform to its writers as well. With media houses and business houses looking for creative writers to boost up their content and marketing, Indibeam.com gives these employers a bigger than ever pool of writers who are waiting to grab such opportunities. It becomes much easier for business owners to spot the talented writers and reach out to them. 
The young founders believe Indibeam can prove to be a career launch pad for the aspiring writers. Not just for the writers, it can be a paradise for the readers as well who are always looking for fresh perspectives on various tales of life and society. While the journey has just begun, Indibeam can very soon become the next big thing in the creative writing industry.


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