The Will to Work Hard, Tushar Gupta’s Journey-



Tushar Gupta is a Financial advisor and has experience in Complex Valuations, Mergers & Acquisitions and Startup Finance. He is also associated as Finance Advisor at Akshay Gunteti Foundation. He has been working with various Startups and Entrepreneurs and guides them towards their Complex Valuations, Mergers & Acquisitions and Fund Raisingactivities. In his career, has assisted and mentored many International Companies, VC/ PE with company level solutions.

An awarded National level speaker at various Conventions, He has been featured on talk shows like Meri Baat – Doordarshan. Reliance Fresh awarded him with Fresh Talent Award.He is also a trained actor from the National School of Drama,Tushar has also pursued his graduation from University of Delhi with a Green Belt in Six Sigma and is currently pursuing CA.He always had an interest of moving away from the mainstream occupations and do something other than what everyone else was doing.

When Asked about his journey, he says its been full of experiences like –

An advisor in a  fundraising campaign for a health tech company. and says how difficult it is to know what the investor actually requires and in the period of being an advisor,  he says that the company actually rejected the investment as the investors wanted a large equity stake in the start-up for the investment.

Team and the Traction is what gets you an investment and these days every second person with a start-up claims that they have it all to break the market with their products or ideas whereas the fast pace nature in the evolving generation has already cut out the majority of benefits of the first mover in the market.

His various write-up’s on Valuation of Start-up’s, how to Manage Finances in a Startup Company, Funding Landscape in India, The Financial Technology Sector in India, Real Estate Sector, Funding A2Z, ESOP Valuation and VDD etc. have been published across platforms such IFCCI, ICAI.

Such an inspiration figure he has been that even though he was hospitalized in bed for past three months but never gave up the work  of advising start-ups and doing .If the write-ups were not enough to make an entrepreneur understand,He even makes Valuation Videos and posts them on YouTube as an insight on how Valuation works at different stages in a Start-Up.He has his own Magazine for the commerce fraternity – Shiksharthi which aimed at spreading knowledge through it.

He advises the next generation of Entrepreneurs to be calm and tells them that everything will take time. A start-up is like a barren land and adding bricks and cement to it will add value to the start-up itself.


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