Why Is It Good To Start-up In College?


The time of your life when many say “Enjoy to the fullest, this kind of time may not comeback”. It is that part of many people’s life when the enjoyment and stress are in equal proportions.

A part of your life when you’re fired up and act/are passionate about things you do. Certain Scenarios arise when you dream of making a product/service that would bring a disruptive revolution in the world.

Dreaming about having a business may not be in the mind of many, particularly with the stress of fests and examinations.

What if I tell you that when you start-up in college time, you’re nearly a perfect entrepreneurial material by the end of your graduation with all the experience of rise and down? In College life, you’re meant to have connections with many people and this would help you to publicize your product with a low cost with the help of social media.download (16)

Starting-up in college means the luxury to experiment with your ideas and also a little harm is done when those products fail. It also gives you a perfect time span to know the most-on-demand product and the need of processes through those failure experiences.

Sometimes the youth who are starting-up in college also have opportunities to go to events and describe their idea in those events, which eventually helps them to collaborate with big start-up founders and may be find their dream career jobs in those start-up’s.

It’s Okay to fail and build up on experiences, after all experience is what rejuvenates the youth to start-up.


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