Vengeance, Blood, Vulgarity and Desperation for Seats – Sawan LalChandani


India, a nation known for its diversity in its culture, ethnicity, languages, religions and many other forms.

Corruption, Scandals and Politics in every aspects of development are the major area of concern in a path towards becoming an Economic Superpower.

Experience of the old guys along with fresh ideas from the youngsters has been the say for a perfect combination in the field of decision making.

Tamil Nadu has been one such state which has seen the combination of experience and fresh ideas work in the favor to create a state free from corruption and politics in majority of aspects of development.

Late Jayalalithaa (by love called Amma), the former CM of Tamil Nadu has been a huge inspiration for all of the young aspirants in the field of politics.

In the social development tables, Tamil Nadu is above the nation’s average in terms of life expectancy and literacy. The results of the above said combination has been truly remarkable and can be seen the way Tamil Nadu has been industrialized as a state in which every city has to contribute in some way or the other such as Chennai (IT and Automobile), Coimbatore (makes high percentage of motors in India), Tripur (contributes high percentage the textile in India), Sivakasi (South Asian hub for fireworks).

Truly, she will be missed and the legacy left behind will inspire many young aspirants to take up the subject of politics as a full time profession.

The tales of young aspirants in field of politics of getting inspired by Jayalalithaa’s work are being shown through articles, books, research journals and many other forms

Let us take you through the journey of an author cum a young aspiring politician who would be taken as a tale of inspiration from Amma’s work.

A 20 year old Sawan Lalchandani, decided to write a book called “Desperation for Seat” in early 2016.

The book was not being written to showcase his interest in politics but with a message including a request for the youth to come together and fill up the loose ends which the government of India always forgets to fill. Schemes which will directly affect the well-being of the poor in a positive way like free gold for girls getting married, subsidized meals at Rs 1, free water to households, subsidized bottled water, free power of 100 units per month.

Including points on the need of improvement in policies, which were taken by The Tamil community were difficult to understand due to the language problem faced by the locals and the interviewer

An Untimely demise of Jayalalithaa and a change in the post of CM had Tamil Nadu facing unusual problems like power cut, strike by the youth against the hospital, and many more problems. This had led to problems for Sawan regarding the publishing dates, a forceful change in title which included a word ‘ Amma’.

During the grilling period of 7 months of writing and four rounds of editing, Sawan lost all hope of novel being good and was then motivated by his family and friends.

And at the end of it, Notion Press agreed to publish it and people usually say, “Hardwork will always pay off”.

A novel written by Sawan LalChandani and published by Notion Press, named Desperation for Seats focuses around the activities of The Royal Political family- The ‘Bhupatis’.

The life of this political family is taken as an example to showcase how political family’s interests are ruining the chances for Indians to have an educated and a rational government on duty. The example is true for most of the political parties like Congress majored by Gandhi’s, Yadav’s Samajhwadi Party and many more.

During the first part of the novel, both the brothers- Aryan and Rana fight neck to neck to warm their asses on the comfortable chair for the position of Tamil Nadu’s CM.

Then, the need of hour for Indians as a whole became to get an educated and a rational board of rule makers in every part of the country. It was not only due to fake promises made by them but also the increase in awareness of using the fundamental rights such as Right to Choose and Decide.

Leaders like Subhramanyan Swamy, Raj Thakeray, Narendra Modi, Jayalalitha and KT Rama Rao have inspired youngsters to work and thus, bringing in the change and also the much required influence  for growth as well, apart from fighting around and evicting the scams.

In future, these educated young leaders will grow up (in age) and the statement that- ‘Politics is a bad word’ will be vanished from the minds of other people and eventually, with experience  and  maturity, they will take up powerful posts in politics as of Suresh Prabhu, Smriti Irani and even Manohar Parrikar of cabinet.

You can buy the book from the link given below:

Desperation For Seats




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