Most of the Bollywood films are about action drama or friendship of male friends but unlike those films Veere Di Wedding is about the friendship of 4 female friends. However, the first impression of Veere di Wedding was it seemed to a remake of Hollywood movie Sex and the City. Shashank Ghosh is the director of the movie and it is produced by Rhea Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor and Nikhil Dwivedi. The movie stars Kareena Kapoor Khan in the role of Kalindi Puri, Sonam Kapoor in the role of Avni Sharma, Swara Bhaskar as Sakshi Soni and Shikha Talsania in the character of Meera Sood in the lead roles. The movie had net earnings of Rs. 10.70 crore on its first day in India, which has set the highest opening day collection in Bollywood when the movie is based on female protagonists and their friendships.


Veere di wedding is about four school friends—Kalindi (Kareena Kapoor), Avni, Sakshi and Meera (Shikha Talsania)—now grown up and reunited for Kalindi’s approaching wedding to Rishabh. Avni’s mother (Neena Gupta) is the one searching matrimonial websites to find a match for her daughter. Meera is carrying baggage of her father’s rejection of her American husband. Sakshi’s wealthy parents are burdened by the bills for a destination wedding that hit them in less than a year. Kalindi is dealing with her dysfunctional family and her fiancé Rishabh’s (Sumeet Vyas) lazy and suffocating one.

Weddings can be overwhelming at the best, and none more than the big fat Punjabi Delhi wedding. Kalindi tries hard to take the demands of rituals in her stride but swinging off a crescent moon in a catchy gown is where she draws the line.

The story revolves around are rich, urban, empowered women who smoke, drink, swear and who are very vocal about their sex life. This is indeed a very refreshing and different genre and story for Hindi cinema. Like all Sonam Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan starrer movies the audience can expect an extravagant fashion, lifestyle and actress waking in the mornings with the best of makeup, but however their attitude, issues, problems, families and life problems and quite relatable.

Fortunately, the four lead actresses meld together seamlessly. They laugh and cry together and stay united through good times and bad. While the men have a complementing roles in the plot, yet they pitch in sportingly. Vivek Mushran is playing as the gay uncle, Vishwas Kinni as Bhandari, the baroque suitors who tries to pursues Avni, and Sumeet Vyas as Rishabh action as a thoughtful fiancé.

Shashanka Ghosh’s Veere Di Wedding has trended all over the internet and instagram with the hashtag #IAmNotAChickFlick, but it is indeed a chick flick – a film by women and about women – and a fairly enjoyable movie dealing with their problems and asserting their independence, freedom and empowerment. All in all, Veere Di Wedding is a film about four women, privileged ones, dealing with life, just like all of us. The director and the entire team has worked enough and have made adjustments to ‘Indianize’ the film, bringing in elements like interfering in-laws, pestering mothers with marriage proposals, big fat Indian weddings and pushy relatives who want the girls to get married. The movie is worth watching apart from all the criticism, and for this avail the ongoing movie offers from various online booking portals.


The first song that was promoted was Tareefaan, has gained a huge publicity and became the top search on YouTube just after the release of the song. Composed by Qaran and Badshah the music is very catchy and has become a huge hit just like any song of Badshah.

Bhangra Ta Sajdaa is another very old song which was given a contemporary and new touch in the movie. It has become a DJ song and sung by Neha Kakkar has made the song very peppy.

Vishal Mishra’s composition Veere is the tittle track of the movie and is an amazing song. Sung by various singers, it has been heard in the background in the movie as the actresses get high on their life.

Pappi Le Loon, Laaj Sharam, and Bass Gira De Raaja are few other songs from the movie which have become quite a hit. Shashwat Sachdeva is the lyricist behind most of the songs in the movie. All in all the songs of this movie are complete hit.


  1. Times of India- The very reliable source has given 3.5 stars to the movie and it is a good enough rating since this is the film based on lives of 4 women and it is the first time when a movie with no famous male actor has got such good rating.
  2. NDTV – NDTV has given good reviews about the movie with 3.5 stars stating that it has a different comedy and rarely seen in movies kind of sisterhood.
  3. IMDb- this source has given quite a low rating to the movie and said the directors should have added a little innovation and should not have copied it from the Hollywood exactly. Also, it seems more of a commercial add in the sense that there is a lot of brand promotion and less of a movie.
  4. The Quint- According to Quint, the movie has displayed a good chemistry of the 4 friends. However, the direction and production is focusing highly on decoration of sets, clothes and fashion. Moreover, there are scenes where it can be sensed that the deliberate attempts were made to trickle the audience.


While we see that movie revolves around women empowerment, freedom and their struggle it has a different plot altogether which is not usually seen in the Indian cinema. It is truly unconventional which makes ita little hard for the general audience to digest. Its from the same director who directed “khoobsurat” staring sonam kapoor which was then a women protagonist movie similarly this time too “veere di wedding” is also women-oriented film and can be termed as extension to that same thought. This movie connects with the youth(female) and their thoughts. However, a little hard work is required on the part of the script writers to make a better storyline and on the part of the producers to shift their attention from fashion and decoration to other important as aspects of the movie. All the songs of the movie have become superhit and the direction has not disappointed the audience. All in all it is a one time watch movie.


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