Budget Problems While Setting up a Wardrobe With The Latest Styles On Trend? Jack Vault it


Jack vault is a kind of a family business owned by S VIJAYAN, his wife( Renukalaiyarashi)  and his son ( Ragavarajan). They started their operations in august 2016. They recognized the need of the middle and lower strata of society to get better quality of materials and from there they got the idea of starting a business venture of providing good quality shirts at considerable prices. Marketing of their brand is done by themselves to can achieve their objective of providing shirts at affordable prices by cutting down their marketing costs.

It is not that easy to  start-up. Many other things are required for the same,Just like with founders of jack vault.;They had some friends who were exporters of cotton fabrics. When they saw the material of their friends, they thought of making shirts out of the same material as brands but at half of the price.

Contribution To The Society-

Education is very important for anyone to develop a good character which would lead to a sensible society. So they are planning to donate certain amount of money earned from a shirt in education of such children who does not have any means to support their education.

They believe on a quote that “tough times never last, tough people do!


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