Trying Doesn't Cost a Cult To Life-Diamond Sri Sri Mall


Usually there are n number of questions when a person does something impressive at an early phase of life, but there is always an exception.

Such happiness is when you unexpectedly find your other interest in middle of following your own interest!!

So let’s see an inspiring story of a manager cum an actor. His name is Diamond Sri Sri Mall , he was born on 25th of march 1994 in Tiptur, Karnataka; ; He has done his primary schooling from the Daffodils, Tiptur & high schooling from Sindhi High School, Bangalore. He has done his Pre-University College from St. Joseph’s PU College- PCMC, Bangalore and his under-graduation was done in BBA-Marketing from Christ University, Bangalore.

He has experienced a lot of twist and turns in his destiny, from being a science student in the PUC and ending up his graduation in BBA-Marketing and also being the South Youth Marketing head for the Grapevine Co. And who knew his destiny would take yet another turn!! He also had developed an interest in acting, after giving a few shots of a low budget movie, he went for another audition of a movie named “ The Tripp “ as he entered the room, he finds out that he doesn’t match the physical requirements of doing the role while other auditions had those requirements; But he even thought that there is no harm in giving it a try instead of leaving as a coward, this was an act of an utmost passionate individual and gave it a try with amazing interest. He was not as good looking as other candidates, but with his amazing skills and dedication, he impressed the director and cleared the audition.

Such is the captivation of the movie releasing next is called The Tripp; A movie based on the theme of legalization of marijuana. A story featuring Raj (Diamond) as a lead actor, who leads on through the journey from Bangalore to Goa, by giving imperative explanation on relative terms like drug abuse, Influence on youngsters to make quick money through the sale of drugs, etc.

“Ganja is like Kaliyug ka Amrut and Government is the Asura stealing our rights to enjoy the Amrut”-The Tripp