Love your commute, Just Trustpool!


“There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We’re all crew”

This quote by Marshall McLuhan points to the role each one of us need to play in making this world a better place

India  has always been recognized as one of the biggest market for automobiles and its just not said but also supported by results from research studies that India’s passenger vehicle density is set to double by 2020 on the back of low vehicle penetration and increasing population.The report also states that the number  of passenger vehicles will go up from 29 million in 2015 to more than 48 million vehicles by 2020.

The infrastructure  in terms of parking area,good quality roads and a proper traffic navigation system are the points where the problems are going to arise. We can take an example in context of Delhi, while comparing the time required for one to travel from one area to another in 2007 and the time required now for the same distance travel.

Even when  the metro services function at a rapid pace while making commute fast and easy for thousands of delhite ,  about 70% of the people commute via their private vehicle or cab, and this is where the the traffic problem arises to go along with poor roads.

If you are a delhite and facing a problem of hectic routes because of poor traffic navigation; and also if you are a victim of the expensive cab services/ petro prices for your private vehicle, then Trust Pool is just the right company whom you need to turn up to solve all your problems stated above!

Technology disruptions are re-defining future of the humanity, the way we engage with communities and fellow citizens has changed drastically. With emergence of inexpensive smart devices and telecom ecosystem, not only businesses but every citizen is a beneficiary.

Trustpool is a team of socially responsible individuals comprising of ex-corporate executives, technologists and social workers. Trustpool is one such technology intervention where list of intangible benefits is more than what is apparent. While the platform enables Peer-to-Peer mobility, it creates a trusted community of individuals.

When we asked Trustpool’s Founder Sanjay Malhotra on how the idea came into existence, he stated

“My last stint in corporate space exposed me to everyday issues colleagues were grappling with, only to conclude that when they get to office they are already drained and their anxiety for the evening to get back home starts playing on their mind even before they have started their work. What productivity can you expect in such a scenario?

Apparently commuting to the workplace and back home in any urban Indian city today is a daunting task, despite best of the efforts by civic authorities and organizations, things are getting worse every passing day and the growing list of issues just takes you on a downward spiral.

That’s when Trustpool was born”.

With a goal  to make cities sustainable by tackling the major challenge of mobility. Sharing economy is future of all business models and they want to enable this for every responsible urban citizen and corporation.

The TrustPool team  are technology disruptors on a mission to solve real life commute problems.




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