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Sad love quotes

Sad love quotes are for those people who get hurt whenever they fight needlessly with no purpose. No matter what you think about me, but I cannot tolerate you with any other third person, whether it’s your so-called friend or dear friend. I want you to stay with always. I want to share most of the feelings with best quotes. Sad love quotes can guide you to try checking your mouth in worry whether you say anything abusive to you in anger, but somehow you cannot do so.

These sad love quotes have the power to melt the heart of your girlfriend

It has been a long period we are in a relationship, but I still remember the first day we met, how we spent that day. It’s an ever memorable day.

‘Mild! Deliver me mild!’ became the wordless cry of my soul, and the light of love shone on me in that very hour.

The exceptional love affairs are the ones we in no way had.

There is a permanent struggling in true love.

Try these sad love quotes on your girlfriend/boyfriend and watch how well it goes.

Love is a choice you make from second to second.

I admit that I cannot be with you all the time, but I try to be with every single moment.

You were the one who showed up the spirit and motivation to go ahead in life. That is why I love you so much. I know how much you care about me all the time and for that so do I.

Romantic love reaches out in little approaches, showing attention and admiration. Romantic love remembers what pleases a lady, what excites her, and what surprises her.

Here are some sad love quotes for him/her straight from the heart.

It’s the way which you realize what I idea I knew. It’s the beat that my coronary heart skips once I’m with you.

I still remember the moment when we decided to break up for silly issues earlier. God didn’t want that, so we are still together.

Love is the atypical bewilderment which overtakes one man or woman as a consequence of some other individual.


Here are some of the sad love quotes which are not only romantic but also inspirational from every aspect.

Without a real love partner, everyone’s life remains incomplete anyhow. In my case, I am nothing without you, my love.

Nowadays, I almost find your face in every girl I see around myself. Maybe it is the loyalty of true love itself. I believe you also feel the same.

You are the one who helped me out in creating my self-developing attitude and finding my inner self.

Not only in this life, but I’d also request God to make us all together in the future lives too.

Hopefully, these sad love quotes will help you express your feelings.

You are not only a lover to me. You are my guide, inspiration, and motivation.

I did well in my past life for which God has sent me you in my life. You make my life complete.

I know very well that I am not the perfect guy for you, but believe me, I am trying to be well. It’s all about the right time.

Your parents may find a guy who earns well but besides, they must search someone who will have a pure heart for you.

Share your love to your dear ones with these sad love quotes.

You are like the music of my life without which I cannot live a single moment.

Besides me, you also pray to God so that we can stay together forever peacefully.e for you has increased every moment till today.

The greatest happiness of my life is I have found you, my love.

We fight, we scream at each other, we argue, but in the end, love supports both of us and make us closer.

Your love comes to me at first. Then I deal with the rest of the duties in my life.


These sad love quotes will support to show your sadness of missing love. Some people are panicked to fall in love because people might get hurt in life. When you love someone really, she or he will become serious about to you positively. Find here some sad love quotes to prove your real emotions. We hope you have enjoyed these sad love quotes. Feel free to share these with your friends and family because sharing is all about caring.


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