To Stand Out, You Need to Say No Sometimes-Avinash


Stick to your morals.They will be put to the test,but I promise,it’s the best way to go”
-Josie Lauren
‘Peer Pressure’ the common excuse teens nowdays use to get into unhealthy habits.I am a teen myself;I don’t smoke nor drink or any kind of stuff and I am not imposing my beliefs on you.Ever wondered the first time you smoked even though you didn’t wanted to?? Well that’s where peer pressure comes to into the scene.I am not being a teacher here but I want to just tell that its an individual choice what you choose to do and you and yourself are responsible for your own actions.No one can push you into “doing stuff” it’s your right to choose what’s good for you.
I heard many a times people tell ‘I got into this because my friends forced me to’ and I always wondered why people give in such pressure.

As the popular saying goes “ A man is known by the company he keeps”. Now I am not saying that a person who smokes or drinks is bad but what I intend to tell is that its good to say ‘No’ and reason with your friends that you have some plans and this decision of yours shouldn’t affect the friendship. It’s tough because people will threaten using ‘our friendship is over’ dialogue and you can try reasoning with them a time or two but some people are stubborn and then you have take things in your hand and say ‘No’.

What use is a friendship where you can’t have your liberty? So guys grow up and say no and if you don’t you are at loss and it will affect you in the long run and you have my word on it. There are some excuses which I have used and trust me it works all the time and my personal favourite being ‘I can’t smoke or booze as I am college footballer’.A true friend is that person who wouldn’t force his/her decisions on you. Don’t drink because your crush drinks because crushes and chicks are momentary and don’t last long like our life.
So next time stop being a ‘victim’ of peer pressure and learn to say ‘no’.
“Stop trying to fit in when you are born to STAND OUT”