Time Beckons The Solution, The Story Of Forking Rolls


1544455_1378819292376525_1365363691_nA proprietorship Concern founded by Aman Seth on 2nd January, 2014. For a smooth transition from college life to work life, Aman choose to start-up in Bangalore.

Forking Rolls is a chain of take-away outlets that serves mouth-watering Chinese, Calcutta Kathi rolls and Biryani, along with a free home-delivery.

The problems started to beckon, they were the same as face by non-localities (i.e. unknown language, no contacts, etc.) and even the unexperienced side of Aman in the Industry led to various problems like not being able to deal with blue collar employees, adjusting needs as per the localities, allocation of stores, and various other problems.

They have always sought the problem by standing in front of it and also had belief in their work along with that, they motivated themselves by keeping a small-interval targets. With a friendly boss like Aman, who would work with them in the workplace (doing the same work, as done by other employees).

Every Enterprise may not exist to solve a problem in society to justify their existence and Forking Rolls is one of them, but being a concerned enterprise, they provide employment and have the responsibility to run 30 plus families (prerequisite facilities other than basic pay).

Generate the money at the same rate, you wish to burn in order to sustain and change your startup to a flourishing business – Aman Seth.


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