Think,Idealize,Shape,Repeat – BHARTIYA STARTUPS


An organization which ushers young minds about the idea of Entrepreneurship. This is an initiative to nurture young minds and to provide the resources to drive their ideas and shape them into reality.

Let us take you through the story of a start-up community called Bharatiya Startups. The startup community was founded seven months ago by Mr.Sudhanshu Gupta and it comprises of 10,000+ people.

To be said, it is an Incubation service for providing all the amenities and assets to the entrepreneurs. They guide the budding Entrepreneurs regarding business modules and provide them with the resources like free social media and digital marketing.

Mr.Sudhanshu and Co. had attended an event on Startups approximately 7-8 months ago and there they had got to know about the problems being faced by the Startups and thus, thought of founding a Startup Community that would provide information and sum up different events, tactics etc. which would be beneficial for the budding entrepreneurs.

With a very strong social base of the community, they hope to take this at a next level where they can invite more people to join and provide services to more entrepreneurs so that they can usher more ideas and build a great community.

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