Hire a driver! Anytime, Anywhere- The WhistleDrive Story


Driver hiring is a huge pain in India. Not because we don’t have drivers available but because of the unorganized market and unreliable service providers. Whistle Drive is the answer to all your driver needs. It provides on demand drivers and you only pay for what you use. Be it an outstation trip with your family or a drive back home after a weekend party, Whistle Drive got you covered.13835822_1230630583665057_1397981493_o

Rakesh Munnanooru, the founder of this on demand driver service based out of Hyderabad didn’t actually intend to build a driver service. His plan was to build a valet parking management system to make the whole valet parking scenario quick and efficient. The idea to build a valet parking service was triggered when Rakesh had apersonal experience of inefficient valet parking at a Barbeque restaurant chain in Hyderabad in November 2015. But after a monthof research and survey from drivers and general public driver service seemed to be a much bigger opportunity than valet parking. More over valet parking services can also be considered as a part of driverservice market.

Service business has human behavior involved and it gets tougher as you scale. Speaking of operations Rakesh says, “The first month has been really tough. We had to identify drivers who would be willing to work with us and make sure they stuck to us and also had to identify potential customers. But we got a hang of it by the end of April and it was pretty much manageable since then”. Apart from providing on demand drivers to end customers, Whistle Drive also handles home deliveries for popular self drive car rental companies like Zoom Car and Revv across Hyderabad. They also provide valet parking services for events and restaurants.

Whistle Drive is backed by a product based company based out of Chicago and has raised undisclosed amount of funding. They currently accept bookings through phone and Whatsapp. Their web app is releasing by the end of this month. Mobile apps will soon follow.


When asked about competitors and on demand cab services like Ola and Uber, Rakesh confidently says, “Ola and Uber are perfect for point to point travel. I personally love them too except when I have to pay peak time charge or surge price. Often times they mess up plans when you get to rely on them too much. On the other hand, Whistle Drive works well when you need to travel a lot and cannot afford to make multiple bookings. Driving in your car is a personal preference which many people love. And driving for long distance in your car with a driver from Whistle Drive is any day cheaper than a cab service. And, competition does more good than bad. Everyonehas their own market share. Creating value is our first priority”.

Rakesh further adds, “Our vision is to make private car ownership simple and convenient. Drivers service is the first step towards it. Very soon you would be able to get all your car services within a tapon our app. You need to #JustWhistle ! ”.

Website : www.whisltedrive.com

Facebook page : Whistle Drive


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