A Journey Full of Twist and Tales While Writing ‘The Mystic of Twin Flame Relationship’ -Manjit Sargam’s Story


You can achieve anything in your life with a positive mindset, proves the journey of this bestseller author.


“Their love is so powerful, so potent, that eventually they both realize that there is nothing that can ever reduce their love or make them apart or change how they feel about each other.”Exploring the concept of twin flames and soul mates, ‘The Mystic of Twin Flame Relationship’ talks about love that spiritually awakens the soul to its true purpose, love that lasts across multiple lives to re-unite with its mirror soul and complete the cycle that consists of union, separation, crisis, runner chaser phase and reunion.


  • Name:Manjit Sargam Chawla
  • Education: , MCA
  • City of Origin: Shahabad Markanda (Kurukshetra, Ambala)


In an exclusive interview with her, the author of the bestseller ‘The Mystic of Twin Flame Relationship’ talks about her experiences,the challenges and how she overcame them.

Q.Tell us more about your endeavour, and your journey towards it?

I am professionally a junior manager in a nationalbank, but passionately a motivational speaker, corporate trainer, writer and a freelance blogger. I used to give free motivational classes for students and corporate employees to help them live their life to the fullest. I strongly believe that you can achieve anything in your life with a positive mindset. I give stress on gratitude, forgiveness, unconditional love and humanity. The aim of my life is to spread smiles and happiness wherever I go or through prayers where I can’t go. My dream comprises of love, humanity and spiritual awakening of each and every human being, which is why I wrote books on it.

Q.How has your experience in the startup arena been so far?

Well, I am really happy with my first time experience in this industry, I did not even know the ABC’s of this industry, and even then I saw my book in the top ranks on Amazon Bestseller. I am really grateful to all the lovely readers for their support and love.

Q.Were there any major problems you faced in your journey? How did you overcome them?

It’s a long story; I met with an accident, in which my right elbow has been crushed. I was not able to write from my dominating hand. At home, I was feeling very useless.So during my sedations and medications, I decided to write a book from my left hand by typing so that my mind will not wander and go towards the   pain and also my soul would not be shaken due to the loss. This was the time when I changed the negative circumstances to positive ones by keeping a positive attitude towards life and gratitude towards the almighty. I wasalready researching and practicing about Twin Flames and about Law of Attraction for so many years now so it became easy for me to share my research and experience.




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