Chaotic Battles and A Blend Of Mythology – DurgaDoss’s The Indus Challenge


The Indus challenge is a book which gives a perfect overview of what it means to indulge in war & chaotic battles. It’s a blend of mythology, ancient history of India with many battles forged across this earth land realm.

The war is set in the era of Indus valley civilization with a knowledge, mystery, adventure, depth of beauty, mystical beings, mysterious powers, divine weapons, legacy, fallacy, duty, karma, oath, vow the likes of which has never been seen or felt in any era.

The time also held truth for many legends of Mahabharata & many other fabulous kings whose rekindled fame in still echoed throughout the history & time immemorial yet to come.

The cover is beautifully designed with warriors standing upright facing each other despite aware of the fact that they may perish in this war, though oblivious to the fact what future has in hold for thems. The birds flying amuck gives a royal description of what a battle cry really is. The vast expanse of the sky also truly tells how beautiful nature is, with a rustic description of one true self.

The title is unique & fascinating, it ignites the spirit in the readers with a shaft of curiosity as to what happens in the book, the curiosity is enough for them to persuade & buy the book immediately.

Theme as described in of war & its aftereffects, though the plot is good but the knowledge imparted by the author with his meticulous description is what fascinates us to finish the book in one go. As described above, the depiction of characters, their stories is fascinating, inspiring, a question to oneself of what history & the true significance of our lives are & what future has in store for us.

Despite all the wars, a true in the one who cries when he feels like crying. Laughs when he feels like laughing. That’s how it should be. Holding onto one’s convictions is far better to get dirty while living true to yourself, then to throw away yourself and die a clean death.

The great Mahabharata war with the sacrifice of many nameless warriors & soldiers, the protracted war finally came to a close. In its wake, it left behind legends, stories of great heroes to be told & retold for generations to come. Two parallel stories which helps readers to understand the excitement rushing through their veins.

In the world of warriors, it’s not how you live it’s how you die. A warrior’s life is not measured by how they live, but rather its measured by what they manage to accomplish before their death.

In this world of war, pain & suffering; created by many wars, forged with blood & swords, chaos everywhere, it is a great comfort to read a book which gives such a broad description of things.

A quest for right of change. May the future that awaits may be different from the way things were in their time. Become the person or warrior, the likes of which that has never been seen, the power to believe is much greater than any other power in this world.

‘People will acknowledge you, they will respect you, that’s what is essential’.

The language is kept in consistent with the story, the pace is quite good & satisfactory. Narration is flawless making it worthwhile to read it. No mistakes to encounter while reading it, editing has been done perfectly.

A must buys; a must read for all the readers!

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