The Country Needs us – Ajay Rana Bhat


As massive earthquake struck Nepal on Baishakh12, he was saddened by the death of so many people and was certainly horrified by himself for he had never felt such a massive shake before. But,the scene of plight of earthquake victim could no more restrict him within the tents in front of his houses. His humanity questioned me “How could you sleep this relaxed way when rest of nation is panicking?”.The very next day, he decided not to stay passive and take a leap step forward serving fellow Nepalese citizen who lost their friends,relatives and homes in the earthquake.
1) Day 1,2,3(from Baishakh 13) : Volunteered in front of teaching hospital. He helped by facilitating water supply,medicine and blood for entire 3 days.
2) Day 4: Since the destruction from earthquake was massive, he decided to expand their work by forming a group “The Country Needs Us” ( देश लाई हाम्रो खाचो छ ) .The formation of group could not have been possible had generous person like Abhishek shah, Bishal Gautam, Bishoka Mulmi, Amish Shrestha, Binita Oli, Reshma Singh, Rajani Singh Pathak, Saroj Malla not joined me.The work couldn’t have taken this huge form had this people not stood behind him .And the credit of success of this group not goes only to him,but to these charitable people who supported his cause.
3) Day 4 to Day 12: they involved themself in sanitation work in Bugmati , khokana , sakhu, kaitipur, lele, harisidh. They provided first-aid treatment and clean drinking water to locals.
4) Day 13 to Day 24: they spent their days removing rubble in sakhu, khokana, bugmati, helped people to extract food grains they had in their house from the rubble which could feed them for next 6 month.
5) Day 25 to Day 45 : focused in building temporary houses in Bungmati and made 9 temporary homes which gave shelter to 23 families.
6) Day 46 to till now : they are building homes at Chatera Deurali,Dhading.they have already completed 17 houses and more are ongoing.

Inspite of all their effort,what they feel is,more than individual effort effective effort from Nepal Government is more essential to put the country back to the track it was before.To pressurize Nepal Government we conducted a program “A Step for change through photography”. Our post-earthquake effort to put country back to the track doesn’t sum up our service to nation. They are ready to serve this nation anytime and continue to serve till their last breath.