An Entrepreneur’s CornerStone Towards Simplified Digitization – The TELIVER STORY

  • An idea just needs a nudge and a path opens ahead. It is a pre-requisite for any entrepreneur to have an idea but the will to foresee the entire journey is the nudge one requires. Quadkast had both and with not just a single hand involved in the uprising they as the name suggests had four. (Quad meaning four) A perfect idea, a clear vision and an abundance of enthusiasm – Quadkast is now a full-fledged company simplifying digitalization.

Being colleagues in a reputed IT firm, the four founders have a very fascinating story on how Quadkast came into being. From hot soups to being partners, every bit of their story is enthralling.


Quadkast is a service based company in Chennai which initiated on September 5th a year ago by 4 engineers who previously were colleagues. With a sound knowledge on what they performed with 3-4 years of experience, Quadkast as of today is a SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) solution provider in today’s IT industry. With more than a year being spent in the planning, their ideas and solutions are what every commoner expect from today’s IT world. Their mission is to deliver real time solutions for real time world.

With not just 4 founders anymore, their team has now expanded to seven.

In this technology driven world everything one desires is achieved by just a click. The Real-time messaging craze during the period 2005-14 gave birth to numerous chat applications, which enabled messaging to be a much simpler task than its predecessors. Later on various other on-demand applications such as Uber and Ola cabs saw a Potential way to use Real-time on their application to bring better understanding to our needs and demands.

Hence keeping the On-Demand market as their focus subject, the founders of Quadkast deliberated on creating an ecosystem which would enable a business to improve its operations and get closer to the customer with minimal overhead and maximum reach. Their ecosystem is the DOTS ecosystem.


Focusing on all three major sectors, Quadkast strives on implying a mark on every sector and every individual.

  1. B2B (Which focusses on Connecting Business).
  2. B2C (Which focusses on Connecting Business with Customers).
  3. C2C (Which focusses on Connecting Customers)

The first product launched by the team at Quadkast is TELIVERA Realtime Location Tracking SaaS (Software as a Solution) Based Product.

Delivering to the Real-Time World, Teliver paves way for mobile applications to integrate a live tracking solution in order to relay customer orders right from a map in their App. Facilitating all business sectors with even remote possibility of travel that the customers are to be made aware of, Teliver paves a strong built path for them to achieve it.




From Food ordered, purchases made online to tracking logistics, Teliver has everything embedded that could feasibly build a strong consumer rapport. With a ton of visual customization options that best suits the business, it additionally promises every custom feature a business requires; From custom interaction with customers to push notification. A whole 4 month time period was spent in the groundwork of perfecting the product.

As for every entrepreneur, the real obstacle in the way is time. Despite being in the top slot of Live Tracking solution providers, Teliver could have been in the market a bit sooner if the in-depth research and references in providing the best for customers weren’t done. But, yes that would have been disastrous. A whole three month of planning and another following month with the paper works involved, Quadkast has made itself a strong base with concrete exploration backing their vision.

Their Mission Statement being – ‘Delivering Real Time Solutions for the Real Time World’, a lot more depicting the same is expected in the near future. As of now a successor to Teliver is expected to launch benefitting not just the App Owners but also the Local businesses without an App. Hence fulfilling their business model by covering the C2C model.

Being a bootstrapping Company, Quadkast firmly believes in the ideology of ‘the idea’ being more valuable than the ‘capital’ required for a startup. The idea being the wheels and the potential in making the idea a reality is the nudge every budding entrepreneur is in need of. Though the investment and capital involved is a major factor, the course of any business and the execution would be the one that rakes in credits.





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