Technology Unification and The Holography Innovation – HoloWebsters


Remember seeing those holographic images in Sci-fi movies and wondering how did they were produced? Holographic projection is a technology which changes the experience of visually perceiving things today. It is one of the best technical advancement in the field of hologram. This technology can serve as very unique and intriguing form of advertising. High definition, three dimensional life-size illusions and 3D photographic projection all work together to bring the Holograms to life. This illusion could be product or a person, which is able to move and intermingle with the audience. With uses such as on spot projections for live presentations, for teleconferences and live stage performance which are conducted all across the globe or country, this technology provides a whole new level of quality visual experience.

And refining the use of the Hologram technology is made possible by today’s youngster ho with their team of people from DIT University, Dehradun named Holowebsters have been researching Holograms. The team of Holowebsters mainly consists of the Team Head Dheeraj yadav from the Electronics Department, Shivam Maggu from the Computer Science Department, Arushi Chaudhary from the Physics Department, Devanshi Chaudhary from the Electronics Department and Dr. Sandeep Sharma, HOD of  Electronics Department who is also their   Faculty Advisor.

Their work revolves around how Digital holograms inherently have large information content and thereby lossless coding of holographic data is rather possible to some extent with the advent of speckled interference fringes. Their work reflects the key idea of regenerating the original hologram from its small part (slice), the amount of information loss with the area of slice available is also presented. Holowebsters have gained tremendous advantageous in major fields of life including business, education, science, arts, healthcare and the list goes endless.

On December 2015, Research trained in Emerging Technology (RTET) conducted a research paper presentation where Holowebsters presented an overview of the concept of HOLOGRAPHY. The motive of the workshop was to just give the basic ideas of holography.

Since December, they started working on their brainchild ‘DATA COMPRESSION by Virtual Holography’. The basic idea behind data compression is regeneration of hologram from slice. . By the use of Hologram Equations they tried to compress the data on the software Matlab. At first they compress the image and then move further for compression of video without losing any kind of information

In March 2016, they again presented their idea in IIT Roorkee. Their motive was to present this plan in front of experts in this field. They conducted a seminar named Holomaniac in their college and gave them a clear idea regarding holography. Holowebsters even showed them some practical holograms and their applications. This has been made possible by this wonderful team of 9 who describe themselves as ‘team of enthusiastic people who believe in doing cool things that matters’.


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