Race Against Time- This Site Helps You Book a Confirmed Tatkal Ticket In a Click


Booking a tatkal ticket is nothing less than a war. You go there, try hard and return empty handed like a defeated warrior. What you’re doing wrong, could be because of weak internet connection, or you don’t have the trick that some brokers execute, or you’re still following the already gone ways of ticket booking.

The woes of booking a train ticket on the IRCTC portal is not new to Indians. In India, trains are one of the easiest and cheapest modes of transport. Over the years, booking train tickets has become convenient using the IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation) website.

However the IRCTC allows booking Tatkal tickets for a fixed number of hours, which means tickets that are reserved for people with last minute travel plans, travel emergencies and so on. IRCTC receives a lot of flak for its slow, sluggish performance.The Tatkal online booking window opens a day in advance before the date of your journey just for an hour and tens of thousands of people try to log into the Tatkal booking system, which makes it as tough as getting into an overcrowded Mumbai local train during the peak office hours.

But hey! You don’t need to cancel your plans because of this anymore.Ease a bit, lean on your sofa, relax and read on as BILLI 4 YOU has some scintillating ways that’ll make you an expert in tatkal booking in just 30 seconds! If you’ve ever tried booking a Tatkal ticket, you will know how important each minute is and how annoying IRCTC’s online passenger reservation system can get.

You have to make optimum use of each second as soon as the online booking counter opens, and those 5 to 10 minutes before the counter opens are also very crucial. Billi 4 You has laid out a guide through their video to help you book a Tatkal ticket, along with a set of handy tech tools and tips and tricks that will help you bag a confirmed Tatkal ticket faster.

The IRCTC website is jam packed and quite slow during Tatkal booking, so ensure that you are patient and do not double click on anything or hit the backspace button as this will log you off and you will need to start the complete procedure again. You will even come across a message that reads “Service Unavailable”; in this case, just keep refreshing the page. Once you are done with the payment, wait until it takes you back to the IRCTC page (unless the transaction fails).

These tech tools, simple tips and tricks will definitely increase the chances of bagging a confirmed ticket. Just log onto their YouTube channel or simply click on the link given below. Do share with us if these tips helped you in booking your Tatkal ticket. All the best Warrior!


Log on to Tatkal For Sure

Sign in with your IRCTC Username and passwordFill in with details of your requirement such as train destination, date, boarding city,etc.Fill up the name of people travelling

Make The Payment and You’re Done


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