The Charisma Of Corporate Life or The Love For Your Passion ? Modern Life Shenanigans!

Many of us have heard about stories of people expressing their goals, their desire to achieve numerous things , and have goals that would change the horoscope of their native place, but very few have heard about the stories of people achieving what they desired for and  changing their post mid-life pathway to follow their passion.

The majority of the Modern generation people have been asked a question on whether they love what they are doing or have been doing just to fill up the security bug that every middle-class man is wary of?

Here is a short story of a person who has spent half of his life belonging to the  majority but also is the one who lived his life on his own terms while following his passion.


  • Education. ENGINEERING & MBA (Marketing):
  • City Of Origin:  Jabalpur


Q.Please brief us about your Endeavour, and your journey towards it?

I was born and brought up in a middle class family and my goal in the life was to study well and get a good paying job. When I accomplished my goal and after completing 10 years successfully in corporate world, there was a sudden feeling that a void inside me was growing and was asking me questions whether I have achieved success, and was also struggling to find answers to the questions. The path to find answers to such question became the pretext of my first book “JUST SIX EVENINGS”  and just about 5 years ago, I became a writer who would explore the world and tell you stories that would come out of this journey.

Q.Can you tell us about your experience in the startup arena?

Start up is the greatest thing that has happened to our generation. Being a writer is just like opening a start-up, and one has to face similar challenges that a typical startup would face. My second book THE AMIGOS talks very strongly about the need of being inventive to the youth, which requires GMD. Gee Mein Dee….not danda but a lot of DUM; DUM to follow what your heart tells you to do! DUM to stand up for your belief and DUM to live the life the way you want to live!

Q.Were there any huge problems you faced in your journey, and how did you solve them?

I fell in the trap of self publishing before my first book was launched. That was bad experience of me and the guys were money suckers. I couldn’t do much to solve it, but the experience helped me to become a better negotiator when it came to talking to publishers.

Q.What is the kind of impact you want on the society?

I am fitness freak, I love to go long distance cycling and running marathons is of special interest to me. I want to spread the goodness of being healthy, fit and eating right to the society, because a healthy body can house a healthy mind and healthy mind will lead to good actions by the individuals and we become great as  a society..

Q.What will be your advice to the young writers out there?

Write with all your heart and be honest to yourself while writing, don’t overindulge in marketing of a book, a strong word of mouth is good enough to make your book reach to its audience.



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