Taking Up a Part in the Dream of Mero Naya Nepal -SHE FOR ALL


Mero Naya Nepal, that we dream still remains ahead of us.

With the corruption by the government in the process of development of economy, even a thought of all the Nepalese full filling their need of basic amenities is far away.

Someone has very well said, “Nothing is Impossible”, the same is with the young Nepalese people who have taken different initiatives to defy the odds and fulfill the basic needs of every Nepalese in the country.

Let us brief you about one such initiative called Sanitation Health and Environment. Led by Yashaswi Surana, it aims at highlighting the importance of sanitation via sanitation marketing to increase the efficiency and sustainability of sanitation improvements.

The Key approaches in the idea includes:

  • Raising overall public awareness
  • Marketing of sanitation in places where it lacks
  • Stimulating private sector interest in the sanitation market
  • Advocating to decision makers in the public sectors.

It was selected as the winning idea of EmpowHer 2016 (an incubation cum leadership program for the young women in Nepal). Its current programs induces the motive of having gender friendly toilets and be creative and interactive while teaching people a lesson on sanitation related health issues.

To go to rural places in Nepal and disseminate information regarding the right sanitation practices has been a major challenge for them, And by empowering other females to join the team and enact together has helped them to overcome major challenges.

Taking up the dream with a good heart, Kudos to the team of SHEFORALL !


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