Food For All, The Good God – Svadisht Story From Patna

In 2015, there were 54 deals in the food startup space with investments totaling $235.66 million, the deals also created many ‘me-too’ businesses, when the need of the hour was building scale, by carefully connecting the back end (restaurants) with the front end (customers).

One thing that was missing in the food industry was investment in expansion to other less developed cities so that they can get low rate delivery executives and aim for economies of scale through diversification.

This provided an opportunity to people in Jaipur, Patna and other cities to startup their own food delivery business.

Svadisht Food is a portal through which you can order food from restaurants across the city of Patna. Founded by Vishal Singh and Ranjeet Kumar in December 2016, they found that many good restaurants are available in Patna but none of them would do home delivery and even if someone did the same, they were geographically and financially bound.

This is when Svadisht Food’s idea got the lead and the founders went on a mission to So start the food delivery service themselves and taken the burden off the Patnaites for tasty food from different restaurants.

In the immediate future, they have plans to donate food to the poor, the slums, the orphans and also create affordable food delivery and subscription of meals services for school and college students respectively.

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