Recommendations Customized By StyleRug: Men’s Fashion Partner


According to a report on Economic Times, Men apparel market is valued at 3,27,000 crores in India.

With a huge potential, Fashion bloggers are on trend to help out brands get the visibility and recommendations for customers.

In General, The Fashion Bloggers are either promoting women’s wear or a mix of women and men’s wear.     However, it would be correct to say that an opportunity has been missed, with only 10% of the fashion bloggers getting associated directly with men’s fashion blogging in India.

However, it would be correct to say there is an opportunity being missed and can be justified with the numbers which state that 10% of the fashion bloggers are associated only with men’s apparel in India

This led to an opening and a blogger; Sandeep Verma, grabbed the opportunity with both hands and StyleRug were born!

StyleRug is one of the top online publications devoted to fashion, grooming, and style.They pride themselves on having a great looking and easy to browse the website, whilst providing fashion conscious people all the information and advice they need to look and feel their best.

In a very account of himself, Sandeep Verma states that –

“He started StyleRug as a mean to satisfy his creative needs, and also made sure that he did not fall into the traps of the fast becoming trend of not-so-honest; journalists in India.The vision behind StyleRug was to write about the trends in the fashion and lifestyle industry without being biased and tied-down with unsaid norms of pleasing people”.

There was a strong urge to make sure that the content would enable a reader to carry something back with him/her after they clicked on the close button of the website.

Considering that men’s fashion was (is) still seen a market commercially not so viable by the other media houses (online), Sandeep saw it as an opportunity that needed to be explored and could prove to be a game changer in long run. Having worked in marketing teams of Gucci and other fashion magazines, Sandeep Verma also freelanced for celebrity marketing.

Having worked in marketing teams of Gucci and other fashion magazines, Sandeep Verma also freelanced for celebrity marketing. Even after being an experienced campaigner, he faced a major challenge to convince different brands to work with him.

But in no time, his website StyleRug left all the leading fashion websites in India behind in terms of traffic, ranking, and visibility. This has helped him in gaining the trust of his advertisers who have never been disappointed till date with the services that he has offered to them.

Unlike many who think that men’s fashion market in India is small, StyleRug strongly believes that there is a huge amount of potential in it, and with the ideas that they have for StyleRug and the new functionalities that they intend to add in the near future, they


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