1. Essar Group announces sale of BPO Aegis USA Inc to a private equity fund manager Capital Square Partners in Singapore for approximately $275 to $300 million. With the sale of the Aegis Inc BPO, the Essar Group withdraws completely from BPO Business.
  1. China’s Xiaomi declares plan to produce 20,000 plus jobs in India within next three years, declaring India a focal market outside of China for the company which earned over $1 billion in revenue in 2016.
  2. Utilizing digital tech, startup Avaali Solutions aids enterprises in the information management space. Expansion plans include the introduction of a new business model for service delivery.
  3. Indian startup Thermal Energy Service Solutions Private Limited (TESSOL) graces global headlines after being presented the ‘Mobility Meets Energy Transition’ award for the formation of a chilling system for the transport of perishables.
  4. Japanese consumer electronics firm Canon buys UK photo-based customizer startup Kite, in an attempt to maintain bearing in a world where personal photography is dominated by mobile phones.


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