1. DoneThing, an affordable task management personal assistant service app, this week received $300,000 of funding from Brand Capital which will be used for geographical growth and service expansion. The app communicates via chat and also provides services through WhatsApp, call and SMS.

2. Micromax India’s homegrown brand announced the launch of a new smartphone Dual 5 on Wednesday. The phone will be available in offline as well as online stores including Flipkart from 10th of April along with a one-year replacement warranty on the phone, in case of any damage.

3. Elon Musk, Chief executive of Tesla and SpaceX has now launched a new venture that could take humans one step closer to merging with computers through Neuralink Corp which aims to implant tiny electrodes in human brains. Neurolink Corp may one day succeed in uploading and downloading thoughts which Musk calls the ‘neural lace’ technology.

4. China’s Xiaomi is struggling to meet India’s fast growing demand for smartphones even as its second local manufacturing facility set up in partnership with Foxconn will go online in the next few months.

5. Canon Inc., the Japanese consumer electronics firm, is buying U.K. startup Kite, a company that helps people order photo albums, mugs or phone cases customized with images from their smartphone cameras in a struggle to stay relevant to consumers as photography has shifted away from stand-alone digital cameras to smartphones.


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