Stand-Up Comedy Or Comedy Series, Aspiring Comedians? Both Forms Explained By Nimesh Advani-


Comedy is an art which has evolved a lot in the recent years in India. Humor in India was only restricted to movies. India has always been a democratic country and in this democratic country, every citizen of the country has been bestowed with a right called freedom of speech. Under the protected layer of freedom of speech, we have got to see humor (15)

There are various forms of comedy, right from mimicry to stand-up comedy . There is another form of comedy that has evolved over the years and that is bringing up a series of comedy shows like Comedy Nights With Kapil, TVF,etc.They certainly have revolutionized the way comedy is being taken both by the audience and the comedians.

Now, one of you being an aspiring comedian might have difficulty while choosing a form of comedy . To choose Stand-Up Comedy Or Open up a Comedy Show, Nimesh Advani ( An Indian Comedian) will take you through the pros and cons of both the forms.13296064_10153586163096863_1055148021_n

Stand-up Comedians normally go to places like restaurants , comedy clubs, bars to have shows and all of the content in the show are scripted or based on their live obervations and also personal experiences. As a stand-up Comedian, you just need a camera and a person to record your jokes and upload it on youtube to gain the popularity.

Whereas bringing in series of comedy is done through many form of media like internet,television,etc.This helps them to have a great market reach but at the same time there are numerous requirements like different equipments,teams,etc. This form is totally scripted and has potential of economies in reach and monetary form.

In general, there have been numerous comedians coming up in the thick of things towards being successful and one thing in common that determines the level of success is that you need to keep writing jokes and work hard to improve the quality of jokes.But there is always a line between humour and criticizing characters on their natural abilities, there have been many controversies held up especially in the series of comedy show in tv.

There is a great market reach when a series of cmedy is happening in television . This form is getting revolutionized by the introduction of series of comedy in web , giving the great market reach and also no limits to the type of joke.


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