Solving The Problem Of an Unbalanced Diet And UnHealthy Food For Pet Dogs- The PawtBelly Story


Pet parents often do not realize that they are not fulfilling the basic need of their pets, nutrition, either they feed unbalanced diet at home or processed food. This induces a lot of diseases and accelerated ageing in our pets.

Let us take you through the story of a startup that is solving the problem of unbalanced and unhealthy diet for pet dogs.

Founded in June 2016 by Tanushree, PawtBelly is a startup that serves fresh food for dogs. The real long-term impact they make is in the life and health of a pet; a pet who is fed a balanced fresh diet and along with good exercise and attention lives a longer happier life!

One day, Tanushree’s pup Django stopped eating processed dog food after a stomach infection. As an act of love and kindness towards her pet, she started cooking for him at home but soon realized that she was probably feeding him an unbalanced diet.

To solve this problem, she started a research campaign on canine nutrition and after the results of the campaign she realized that she could solve the same problem for hundreds of thousand pet lovers in Bangalore, India.

To get out of the obsession of finding a new product for her pet and to help others to get the problem solved, she went ahead by sampling the product  with a group of pet lovers among friends, family and other people on her contacts.

The results of this “Testing Campaign “stated that people loved the product and were willing to buy for a certain price. And from there on there is no looking back for PawtBelly!

The inspiration behind PawtBelly was to solve a problem which has a real impact on someone’s life. She also stated that” If you have a dog, you will realize how close pet parents are to their pets. I can pretty much turn the world around for Django.”

Entrepreneurship has to live on from the actions and not only  the idea. So keep looking for the problem to solve, till no one can solve it better than you can.



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