You don’t always need to sponsor a blind person/a person with special ability.
Stating the fact that there are numerous number of middle class families in Nepal, they cannot bear the responsibilty to sponsor a blind person solely; But they can do a thing and that is to buy an Anthropose Sunglass as for every 10 pairs of sunglasses sold, they provide free cataract surgery to a person in need.

Anothropose a start-up incorporated on Feb 2014 and commenced its operations just after 6 months of its incorporation, co-founded by a person who always thought of how Nepalese youth viewed “opportunities” in Nepal; and this was one such opportunity, an opportunity for the social cause to be productive to an economy.

To ensure the quality that the market demanded, they have tied up with Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology and Dr. Sanduk Ruit to bring in the best eye-health care facilities in Nepal.Along with an objective that is to create opportunities from social problems that Nepal has while solving them.

There are 94,765 visually impaired people in Nepal and out of all the eye-operation performed here in Nepal, only 35% is on Nepalese nationals. And as said earlier, we middle class majority are not able to solely finance the specail ability person, so why not contribute in the best possible way adn act the solution for the problem of visually impaired.

We are the change, and now we need to inspire the next change and this is best way to bring the change in those umemployed specially able person by buying an Anthropose shade.

Thank You Anthropose for giving us an opportunity to feature your B-story
#Jai Nepal