Overcoming The Traditional Women Problems and Starting Up- The Mahie Way

Product, Place, and Promotion have evolved to be online.

You name a product/service and you can get it online.

Not the French Revolution but ‘The Internet Revolution’.

Working along the lines of advanced technology is a girl who has faced every ‘Up and Down’ that a traditional woman faces.

Still, with courage and an urge to fulfill her dreams, she works on to be the one she dreams of.

Let us introduce a digital marketer Saakshi Nagpal who has been in the field of digital marketing for 5+ years. Dynamic personality, extravagant work are few of the many qualities Saakshi inherits.

Hailing from a Business family based in Haryana, Saakshi had completed her engineering and straightaway went on a hunt for a corporate job.

Maybe, this was a turning point of her life.

Who knows ‘What God has in store for us’?

Although she worked as a Digital Marketing consultant with Fortune 4 companies like GE and Coca-Cola. Not all was said and done, the inspiration was created when she came out of a divorce ( a life event that shook her to depression and felt like going into a shell).

After 5 years of Unfortunate life events, she started working as a freelancer. In an era of starting up and Saakshi going through a tough period, she started working with local vendors and small startups.

Regaining Confidence and the spirit to start something on her own, a Digital Marketing Boutique named Silly Sense was born.

With the growing need of businesses to serve people digitally all over the country to sustain, Silly Sense started working with local vendors and small startups to serve their requirements of growing business.

The turnaround started to happen, Saakshi was selected in ‘The Top 26 of the WeCan Surprise’. The selection led to an investment by Team Dhirti in Silly Sense, and the love, affection, and respect shown by the team gave Saakshi a belief to work even harder.

A tie-up with more than 10+ clients and the enthusiasm of Saakshi will lead SillySense to new heights and also achieve amazing results. Taking Businesses To New Heights, Powered by SillySense

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