Top 15 things to buy in India – Shopping in India


India is the main destination for shopping for all – whether foreign tourists or locals, we all get fascinated by cultural and artifacts and such stunning handicrafts that are available only in India and nowhere else.  I second that you will get anything credible, anywhere else, then you get here. Not only handmade stuff but also, India is a fashion destination after Paris and Milan. The reason is simple that Bollywood tends to capture and bind the entire nation. The masses follow the Bollywood fashion blindly, here.

The knack of talks may be a new advantage to form your luggage heavier. You just ought to look out and you discover very impressive things here, all ranging from the latest gadgets to handmade items to things made at home. You can find items that are peculiar to a particular culture and heritage of that place as well.

In this article, I’d share with you the highest fifteen things to shop for in India.

  1. Handicrafts from every single state

State handicrafts form the staple selling products. Each state represents something or the other that is handmade or made with utmost and sheer hard work. So when you are on an Indian shopping spree, do visit the local markets for handicrafts and other products made by the small villagers. I bet, you will not find any replica for this in the malls.

  1. Traditional apparels

This is another fashion staple from each state. Indians represent fashion is endorsing their state apparels. With its ocean of cultural heritage, India provides a variety of traditional costumes. Apart from saris, there are Salwar kameej, Ghagra choli and Lenhga which are mostly worn by Indian women and Dhoti Kurta and Sherwani worn by Indian men. You can some of best online stores available in India where all traditional clothing / apparel is Biba which have huge collection for women, we recommend to apply Biba Coupons while ordering to grab great discounted rates.

  1. Jewelry

Ornaments are something that every female loves. Indian brides and girls love to adorn themselves with gold and diamond jewelry pieces. This tradition is not much in fashion in the West. You will also find foreign tourists going on a shopping spree for jewelry pieces. Not only the real gold or diamond, but we also have markets and shops that sell swaroski, semi-precious and other junk jewelry.

  1. Textiles

Kanchivaram sari is the most famous bridal wear sari from South India. Similarly, Paithani is famous in Maharashtra.

  1. Footwear

One of the simplest things that provide itself in wide assortment is that the shoes here. You get various designs of footwear and pretty straightforward designed sandals manufactured from Jute and rubber.

  1. Perfumes

India is a hub of incense. Our ancestors were the ones to introduce incense sticks and perfumes called as “itra”. This tradition is followed even today.

  1. Ayurveda medicines

As well known for its Ayurveda, our nation, hundreds and thousands of years ago has been using plants and flowers for their medicinal properties. Today, ayurvedic medicines are being used across the globe. For Ayurveda Medicine you can also opt to order online at Patanjali Stores, which provides all herbal and natural ingredient used medicine. You can also apply Patanjali Coupons to grab best discounts.

  1. Music

With Bollywood ruling the country and even abroad, you get to listen so many varied and soulful music pieces here. From hip hop to lyrical, from sufi to ghazals and romantic numbers, Bollywood has introduced endless classic and timeless pieces.

  1. Books

When in India, do shop for mythological books. No country has as glorious past as India does. So many varied religions, we aren’t aware of all.

  1. Arts and crafts

Visit small villages and towns for their local arts and crafts products. Thoroughly cheap and beautiful at the same time.

  1. Spices

Like we all know, we get our delectable kitchen spices from down the South. If you are planning a trip to South, make sure that you fill your spice box for your next meal.

  1. Music instruments

Our ancestors have been really fond of music, it seems. You can find many music instruments in the museums; of which you will surely not find today.

  1. Dress materials

Dress materials are something that you will surely not find in any foreign country. Every state has its own handloom industry. Also you will not find any tailor made dresses in any other country other than India. After all, saris and suits are stitched here only.

  1. Tea

Of course, this is something which India is very famous for. Assam and Darjeeling are famous for its vast and virtuous tea plantations.

  1. Street food

Delectable taste of street food can only and only be found in India. From panipuris to dahibhalla, Indian burgers to vada pav and many more mouth-watering dishes are worth eating.

Patience is that the solely factor needed here, and with good sense of bargain, you can buy in India just for anything from small to big items. There are tiny local markets called as “bazaars”.  You’ll go on a spree for things for your home, gift items, accessories and all that within your budget.



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