Know The Unknown, Club Your Social Media Profiles and Update Your Contacts On The Go- The SharkID Story


Everyone faces a problem of identifying an unknown number or connections related to the unknown number.

The trouble of spam calls of call centers or unwanted messages from lottery companies.

There is a way one can block all of those messages/calls, and it happens by installing and integrating SharkID Application.

It was a Harley Davidson bike trip of 3000 kms in 2016 that led to an inception of SharkID.

Founded by RameshSinha in 2016, SharkID is a smart phonebook in which a user is represented by a unique global id helps users to find the name and mutual connections with a number.

The company does that by allowing user to club all of the social media profiles, emergency number, blood group, and other contact information to create a personal or a business card and making them shareable through user’s SharkID.

Rameshstarted his entrepreneurial life when he opened up a company that provides procurement solutions to government and private sector Company in 2000, with 15 years of experience of working in a corporate discipline Ramesh suddenly felt the need of bringing innovative thoughts in his work life.It was then he thought of a road trip on a bike and the problems such as not getting contacts at one place, numerous business cards to handle during the trip led to Rameshthinking of an idea of SharkID.

One major problemSharkID solves is to let users find out people who have saved their number and also helps them get in touch with lost contacts by availing the feature ‘Who Has My Number’ on the app.

There is a lot more that SharkID offers rather than only letting the users know about unknown numbers,

  • You can make a slack of business contacts.
  • Search nearby contacts on SharkID.
  • Auto Update Contacts who change their details on SharkID
  • Create Similar Interests groups.
  • Keep all your contacts backed up and secure

When you dial an unknown number from SharkID dialer, it tells you the person and list of people who know that person from your phonebook even if the unknown number is not a SharkID user. SharkID fetches this from its database of 10 million contacts. So next time, you dial an unknown number, you can know the details then make a reference call.

SharkID is the first smart phonebook app with exciting features like who has my number, people you may know, my network connections, followers/following, directory, social media – all in one phonebook!

Download SharkID today – Android users:
For iOS (Apple users): Register & then download app:


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