Sasto Deal For Sustainable Deveopment : A Strategy Every E-Commerce Site Should Follow


An another Business story and an another E-Commerce Start-up. But what makes this story different is that there way of branding and differentiating themselves from their competitors.cf1(5)

Once upon a time in 2008-12, majority of the people in Nepal have the mindset of not paying higher amount for an original product rather going for a replica at half the amount. This kind of mindset started changing over a period of time and many brands got established in Nepal, be it for clothes or accessories or another product.

There was the need for a firm to evolve who would drive the change of this mindset smoothly, so SastoDeal came into existence. They started to move along the trend and that was to provide cheap products at a large % of commission then there came a point of setting up a team for the organization and hence came a report on the need through thorough analysis. The result demanded a change in the trend and they started focusing on quality rather than quantity and by tying-up with exclusive clothes and other authorized dealers, their focus on serving maximum people remained the same but the process  and strategies of  reaching the maximum people has changed as to serve the authentic product at a reasonable price.259d6f9

With the delivery areas choosen specifically in Nepal, they choose to give the best delivery facilities to deliver under one day and with no added cost to the Selling Price, making their site as the go to when in the mood for online shopping.

When asked to the business development manager about the trend following i.e. numerous firms in Nepal getting into the same kind of e-commerce business, Sashant stated that Nepal needs innovation in the areas of e-commerce with the view of sustainable development which also included a dream of Cashless Nepal.


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