Sachin Sanghe’s Passion For Sculptures And People’s Love For Miniature Busts – The Social Media Sensation


Miniature sculptures on pieces of blackboard chalk and pencil graphite lead.

Miniature busts, pets and deities.

Woaha, it’s been an age of digital revolution. We in the 4th gen have seen artists and other different ideas using social media profiles to become a famous stopper in that particular field.

But we haven’t seen many like Sachin Sir! A person who has a hobby transformed into a passion and now a regular business!

Let us take you through the story of a man who started following his passion when he was in his 8th Grade of his secondary education.

A story of a person who has done Software Engineering from Bangalore and is a Micro-Artist by Passion.

From his childhood, he was very interested in sketching and painting. He used to draw on blackboard and also used to try different things on chalks – Carving names, hollowing chalk end to end etc… Along with the time, he started spending some quality time on this and improvised. Now, he has more than 100 different carvings to his credit.

To take his passion further and turn this into a kind of side-business, he started a Facebook page by the name of Sachin Sanghe’s Chalk & Lead Sculptures .From then on, there has been no looking back for him as he has been recognized by The Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar and was also seen being appreciated by the Great Amitabh Bachchan.

Everyone will have one or the other skills within, you need to know it and display it in every possible manners; don’t wait for someone to come and point out your skill. Once it’s known, you might never want to stop it!


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