‘The Publishing House’ Ecosystem and Raindrops Inc.’s Classy Strategies – Life of Bernard


‘The Publishing House’ ecosystem that has been created in the last 3- 4 years has made things easier for writers to get their books published within their budget.

This is happening because of the increase in the competition, and also the need of publishing house to differentiate them against their competitors by initiating strategies such as ‘Publish a Book under 10,000’ and etc.

Let us take you through a story of a person running a publishing house which is as good as it gets with strategies and is also a writer by heart and profession.

Bernard D’sa, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Raindrops Inc. (the parent company of Raindrops Publishers). He is deeply passionate about poetry, which reflects, in his work. He studied English literature along with philosophy and spirituality.

Settled in Mumbai, Bernard started as a writer and observed that it is very difficult to be published at Indian publishing scenario. Raindrops Inc. (Raindrops Company) came into being in 2012 and has been growing ever since.

Raindrops Publishers is a book publishing company started in 2012 with an intention to give boost to poetry books and to work with author of various genres.

He knew that he was not a 9-5 guy and also a one who would leave his dreams to work for others. The desire to create something just by believing in himself, he took an extreme step not bothering about the odds of the society and started “Raindrops Company – a venture completely built on hope and determination.

It’s very much common in our society to see people talk about the negatives and flaws of starting a company and hundreds of different negation of “How, why, what” not to start a company.

Despite such odds, He stood firm on my belief and instincts to ahead with his decision.

In an exclusive interview with Bernard,

We asked him about his experience of starting up

Bernard – Well, startup looks pretty fancy from the outside world but it’s here that you realize that struggle is real. People here are full on enthusiasm and a keen interest to learn and venture out solely.

Any Major Problem You Faced During Your Journey of Start-up –

How often have you seen people complaining about a strong surge of ideas, plots, dialogs, and themes coming in a strong wave and you want to include everything in your work.

You need to be calm and resilient; if there is no perfection in your work then very soon you will be outdated.
There are over 100s of new writers coming up every day, 100s of new startups blooming you need to be updated and dedicated.

Every writer’s dream is to create more opportunities to crave their own niche and find success but one need to understand the importance of variety and not boring the readers with same niche again and again.

The biggest surprise a writer can get probably knows how much little he/she knows and that there is more to life and books. Ever since then it has been a journey of self-realization and improving myself on that front.


You can contact Bernard D’sa via

Website: www.bernarddsa.com

Email: bernard.dsa@raindrops.cc OR reach@bernarddsa.com







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