Quick win link building strategies to push rankings


In this post, I’m going to be showing you some quick and easy link building tactics that will push your rankings. My name is Zukais and I’m an SEO consultant.  I rank sites on Google and one of the main things that I do is link building. So I’m definitely qualified to talk about this topic.

Expired Tumblr backlinks

This may be the most underrated link building tactic of all time. People think that Tumblr links are dead and they have no value. When in reality,  if done correctly, Tumblr links can really push your rankings.

Here’s how you do it:

First of all,  you need to purchase some expired Tumblrs. You could just go to Fiverr and purchase some expired Tumblrs.  I would highly recommend finding tumblrs with the highest page authority possible.

Next,  create some 100 word articles. After that’s done,  you can start signing up these tumblrs. I would recommend using a VPN to mask your IP. But make sure you record your VPN details down in case you want to log back into the Tumblr.

Sign up your Tumblr,  post on it and then post your article with a link back to your website.  Make sure to schedule some posts so your Tumblr looks more natural and authentic.

And it’s a really simple, easy and cheap way to increase your Google rankings.

Facebook blogger outreach

This method is starting to become my favourite method of building links. You see,  when it comes to link building, the SEO experts will tell you to send out a bunch of emails and try get links that way.

But Facebook is an even better way to get backlinks with blogger outreach. Because people are actually looking to link to your site on their site.

Here’s how you do it:

Join as many blogging Facebook groups as you can. After that’s done, you can post on there asking to post on people’s blogs.

You can post something like this:

Looking for bodybuilding/fitness related blogs to guest post on. Inbox me if you’re interested. We can workout a price.

If you can’t afford to pay anything at all,  then you can create a post like this:

Looking for a free guest post in the bodybuilding/fitness niche. I have an article ready.

But in order for the free method to work, you need to create a truly great article and something that’s valuable to their audience.

Quick tip:  if you don’t want to create an article. You can simply ask for the person to place your link in an already published article. This is a super easy way to get some quick links and one of my favorites.


So those were the 2 quick win link building strategies to push your rankings. Whenever I’m serious about pushing my rankings, I always use the strategies mentioned above.

They are easy to do and cost-effective.

If you’re serious about pushing your rankings then check out this page.


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