Quality Repairing And Standardized Maintenance -Gad2Go Story


There might be two or three similar ideas in the market, it’s the process starting from product/service development up to the product/service delivery that the niche/USP is to be found.

Let us take you through the story of one such startup called Gad2Go that has its niche in providing services in a small town called Anand City. Started by Chetan S Singh (CEO) and later joined by Yash M Agarwal (COO), Nitesh V Barot (CTO), they aim to eliminate the problems faced by majority of customers in the process of maintaining and repairing their gadgets.

Chetan Singh, a final year college student of Computer Science is also a passionate innovator of robotics and a mobile application developer, Alongside with his best friend and school mate Yash Agarwal who is also an innovator and currently pursuing his bachelors in Germany; they both discussed about the problem faced by them and many other people in the field of gadgets repair and technology. As the discussion moved forward and with the help of technical and market expertise from their professor Nitesh Barot, they came up with the idea to serve the middle and lower class people with their affordable services at an unique location, thus reaching the mass!

As many startups face issues regarding nourishing the idea to fit into the market needs and how to make customer evenly satisfied with the services. One thing the large chunk of startups don’t do is take their time and fulfill the solution to the problem.

But in the case of Gad2Go, it has been the otherwise as they had many surveys regarding the problem and came up with the solutions by accounting for the response of the survey like – more than 50% of users share a problem of unsatisfied services, waste of their time and money in the process and 83% think that they were paying more than what they deserved.

After completing the foundation of the idea they came up with an idea of designing an Android Application for customers which would contain all the information about services linked to their respective devices.

The company provides an online platform to customers through which the customers can report any kind of issues that they are facing with their device and get the issue solved by the reputed mobile repairing shop and also the original brand service centers (if the customers phone is still in the warranty period).

Their services includes Pickup-Delivery of Device, Online Payment, Service Center Selection, SMS Updates, Offline Booking of Device, Tracking of Status, Free On-Call Consulting for any issues and much more.

The team has been inspired by the doings of Elon Musk and they believe that “If something is important enough you should try, even if the probable outcome is failure or the odds are not in your favor”.







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