How This Startup Manged To Keep Leon Festinger’s Theory Intact – The Punchit Story



Social Comparison theory was first developed by Leon Festinger in 1954.The theory is driven by evaluations of opinions, facts and other generic statements to term an event/incidencePunchit.

One such Startup India called is driven by the same theory which helps expanding the motivations of social network.

Economy, Media AND The Rumour –

The media has been found to play a large role in development of social comparisons apps across the globe.

Growth in the number of firms in a particular industry has given the customers to choose from a huge variety with detail information about a product/service and along with a reasonable price.

One problem though that still resides is that people being faked with the information on investment and trading opportunities.

We live in a generation where people have pouched on the problem and startup to solve the problem;

With the motive of helping people state all the opinions, debates and evaluating facts and theories,

Harshdeep and Co came up with an app which would help people and businesses to take opinions, evaluate ideas interms of surveys, and create polls and debate within the community of like minded people.

Surveys, nowadays has been an integral part of every startup to test and evaluate their idea and validate the product; and to find genuine people filling up the survey is still a problem that remains unsolved.


Punchit1) Download from The Play store

2) Sign up using either your email/google profile/Facebook Id

3) Choose Your Preferred Field For Real Content

4) Remain Updated with anything and everything for your preferrences.




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