Problem While Choosing The Preferred Feed Or Differentiating Fake News from Real News?


We are living in a generation which helps us to simplify the process to achieve the needs by going digital/adopting the modern technology. Basically, the process uses algorithms that collect data on your activities such as like/dislikes and other reactions like time spent on pages/posts/videos to give you a feed of relevant content.

Even after the use of algorithm, there have been posts/comments by people over social media regarding irrelevant content on their feed; and as algorithm takes every account of your likes/reactions, there will be posts on your feed regarding a topic on which you have reacted couple of times through special requests which irritated a person while scrolling across posts on the feed.

Let us take you through a story of a startup that solves the problem of your preferences of posts and does a reality check through comparison with the factor of quality and sources. is an end user social comparison platform where users can come and compare anything. They are working on comparison data analytics by using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, which in turn helps them to learn about public’s behavior and utilize them for the people’s benefit.

The prototype of the idea was developed when the founders participated in a hackathon, and built a product which can give you a comparison of Fake and Real News from different news channels. Moving ahead, the team started participating aggressively in B-Plan or ideathon or coding competitions, which helped them to validate their idea.

They had their first beta app ready in 2 months which was followed by an amazing response from the users; and in May, they launched their final and stable version of an Android application.

When asked about the contribution they are making to the society.

– The community can also use this platform of comparison for a social cause.Example: Users can compare woman rights in different states or country. That can be the debatable topic as well as social awareness, and there are endless topic for comparison which can be used for the community.

Message From One of the Founder

– I am a community guy. I love to go in different community events.This is what I learned:

1st Listen to the people

2nd Observe their words and activity

3rd  Learn from those

4th Earn As fast as you can



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