How Is Puglol Using Social Spread To Target Fake News?


Good news spread faster but fake news spread fastest. I hope you guys all agree with this statement? Every day we see on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp and on all the social networking sites that how much fake news are spreading nowadays. And people easily believe them. People nowadays try to rock the world of social media with their disruptive wrongdoings.

Well, there are two types of fake news; the one which is certainly not true. These stories are deliberately invented by the people to make the other people believe something false. And the second type of fake news is partially correct. This means that such news doesn’t contain the proper truth. There is wrong information involved in it.

Many times, it becomes difficult to identify who is involved in spreading such news.
Well, Puglol contributes a lot to control the spread of offensive impropriety. Puglol’s technology can meet the compound and chaotic human challenge of clearly understanding every memorandum that a user of social media want to convey. To encounter the fake news, Puglol privileged a new class of machine learning algorithms.


Puglol founder Divyanshu Shukla, claims 100% accuracy to detect and block fake news competing against 93% accuracy of some recognized Uk startup but that’s not all puglol have to offer. The network has a motive to recognize and reward creditworthy internet users to create an ecosystem of Universal Basic Income for internet users.

Puglol started with a vision to solve world economic forum most discussed topic and an urgent expectation from Big data Giants-
1. Create Universal Basic Income for internet users
2. To stop Inappropriate activities especially fake news.

Nowadays the internet is a victim of fake news here and there related to various topics, which hardly gets identified. We often fall victim of these fake news and believe them to be true without a second thought since it’s published on the social networking sites and all across the internet.

Puglol communality aims in identifying such fake news, posting them on their social networking platform to create awareness among people. It also encourages audiences to come across valuable informative contents consisting of real facts.

It encourages users to post creative contents in the form of news, articles, banners or any informative post that can be beneficial for other community users creating a meaning experience. Not just that, in return of posting meaningful, real informative content, the networking site also allows users to earn LTC coins for each of their creative work.

It is currently becoming an active solution to kill boredom earn online by posting valuable stuff. Whatever LTC coins you earn from your post gets deposited in your online account and can be redeemed anytime using Puglol debit cards. You can even use these earnings to shop your favorite items by using the network’s shopping portal.

The users need to create an account to log in to the Puglol and soon after that; they are directed to the post area to upload any fake content or post something on their own. You can access the Puglol platform from its official site from PC as we as download the Puglol app from Google Play store to use it in your smartphones.

These deep learning algorithms are competent of learning patterns on compound data sets like social networks. So it is advertising its technology as a quantum leap. Well, it is said that these fake news are spitefully minded and unexpectedly fake.

To identify information anticipates not on the algorithm analyzing news but instead find out who is exactly spreading it and how he/she is spreading it. Well, it is believed that there is a huge difference in how fake news spread and how good news spread.

Geometric deep learning can work well with network-structured data. So here the verified data can be assimilated like the spread of news whether fake or real, the social interaction between the users, and the features that would be impossible to allocate with under machine learning techniques.

Well, there are many things which manifests that fake news is analogous to infestation. As I said above that good news spread faster but fake news spread fastest, well, I was in favor of this statement because it is examined in the MIT study that not only the truth spreads slower, but human beings also entwine in hastening the wrong information. So, human beings are real problems.

Well, Puglol has significantly identified the higher number of fake news than any other published method. It depends upon true/fake labels which are connected with the news stories by third-party fact for it’s training dataset. Well, with the results of many research it is now believed that bots didn’t play a huge role in spreading fake news. Boots can get easily detected also.

People spread information without even thinking about the potential damage or harm they are causing to everybody. Well, thinking a little bit about it can contribute to preventing the infestation.


Well, guys, fake news reflects a horrible impact on other people. Many people are concerned about it, but there are people also who are least bothered about it. So, guys, you need to think about it and convey this message to the people around you also.
Fake news may also affect behavior.

People may start making excuses. And it can also result in arguments between people. They stop accepting the truth. Well, guys, there are many more bad impacts of fake news. So I would only want to say that be careful about it.
So, guys, now I would end up my article here. If you guys want any other detail about Puglol, then contact us. Thank You.


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