Top 5 Promotional Office Essentials in 2019



Office essentials are a great way to promote your brand. This is because when a product with the logo of your brand sits on an office desk, your brand exposes to more and more people on a daily basis.

This is why many brand owners prefer to send office essential to their clients. Moreover, it is likely that pen, journal, calculators, or even pen holders are necessary for offices. So, imprinting the logo of your brand on the items seem a clever way to reach to the masses.

To get the high-quality office essentials, you can consider corporate gifts wholesale Singapore too. Also, this blog features five useful yet promotional office items that may benefit your brand.


When thinking about products that go well in office, you can never find something as useful as a journal or notebook. With tons of different daily tasks, it is common to forget things or minor detail.

To avoid this embarrassing situation, you can consider journals as the office essentials. Nowadays, you can find these notebooks or journals made of recycled materials. So, it can become one of the thoughtful investments.

Not only you will play your part in saving the environment but you will spread awareness in the context at the same time. Take note that people love to purchase from the brand who think about the environment and implement steps to save it.

When you use and promote recycled products, they are likely to prefer your brand over others.

Sticky Notes Pocket Case

Just like journals or notebook, sticky notes are one of the most needed office essentials too. It is true that sometimes you are on the go and do not have enough time to take out a journal and write a message.

In this case, sticky notes can do the job for you. They are easy to reach and perfect to convey short messages within the department. Most of these sticky notes are available in pocket size cases too that are easy to place on your desk.

If you think you might paper on your short official trip, you can carry the case as well. Since sticky notes are such useful office essentials, you can consider personalizing it.

Brain Stress Reliever

Working nonstop for hours can be stressful. In the corporate sector, it is easy to get stressed because of the hectic routine. However, everyone does not pay attention to it. But, working with the stressed mind is not healthy for your well being. In this case, you can opt for a brain stress reliever. This seems a practical product that helps people who work 8-9 hours a day. A relaxed mind increases productivity and ensures success. So, if you are looking for unique office essentials, think about brain stress reliever and let your client praise you for it.

Pen Set

It is true that not many people prefer to write when everyone is used to type either on their smartphone or computer. However, pens are still a necessity in an office environment.

As mentioned above, when you are on the go, you are likely to grab a pen and piece of paper quickly to note important message.

Therefore, a good quality pen needs to be presented on your desk. When looking for office essential, do not ignore pens set thinking nobody bothers to write anymore. But, choose one or more decent pens as they are handy and useful.

Business Card Holder

Not to mention, you are likely to receive numerous office cards on a daily basis, especially if your job requires you to meet people daily.

In this case, you need a business card holder to keep important cards saved in one place. Simply print your brand’s logo on the business card holder and let you promote your brand.

Bottom Line

If you look closely, you can find several top-notch office essentials that can promote your brand. You only need to choose the ones that are durable and functional.



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