Story of Prashant Kaul on Living Life As A Newbie Author and How He Sold More Than 500 Books


We have read so many stories on how people leave their corporate job and pursue their passion after all of the negotiations in their career. The negotiations are generally based on the risk factor, monetary aspect and the curse of not following the passion.

Here’s the tweak though, it’s a story of a man who has been a HR professional and a part time motivational speaker and now an author of the book called “It’s got to be Love”.

It was his passion of telling stories in form of speeches and writings that led him to become a writer. The story form might be a cliche one but the way Prashant handled his corporate life without quitting and staying focused while writing the book at the same time was a commendable effort that one can surely appreciate of!

Prashant Kaul was born on 26th of August,1983 in Shimla.

In an exclusive interview with Prashant talking about the journey of becoming a writer states the real struggle all of the newbie writer face while working on a new book and especially if the writer is working full time alongside writing a book –

‘Journey towards writing my first book was quite interesting. It took me three years to complete and publish this book. The journey was full of obstacles and many a times I thought of quiting but somehow with God’s grace and support from my family I carried on. The book got published in June through Unistar publication and was a self publication’.

In September second edition of the book was published through Notion Press. The first edition was a sell out (500 books) and about 100 copies of the second edition are already sold till date on Amazon. He applied the strategy of going to different colleges for giving guest lectures and in the midway pitching about his book, the tactic helped him in ‘increasing the visibility and also the sales of the book. The book is getting rave reviews on Amazon and also got an appreciation by ‘The Tribune’ in the month of October 2017.

One of the most difficult part of the writer is story characterization and as he/she moves forward, the drama of getting more characters take them into fix. This course of experience generally happens when a person is writing a book for the first time, so prashant advises all of the new authors to organize the plot before you start and to state down characters along with their role in brief.

Another tough part of being a writer is to choose a publication house while comparing the plan and their distribution network. The problem gets tougher when an author chooses Traditional Publishing; they are needed to take care of all the marketing needs and distribution of books.

The Interview Continues,

  1. When asked about one major problem he faced in the entire journey of writing the book?

 I believe love can help you overcome any problem. I am working professional and hardly get any time to write, still during my journey of writing this book I managed sparing an hour daily to write. Whenever I get some time, I get back to writing. You just need to be passionate about that particular thing and the problem gets automatically solved.

  1. What is the kind of impact you want on the society?

I am not much of a philosopher kind, but truly believe that if in a society everyone does their job with dedication, then the world will be a much better place to live. Also few traits that I believe everyone should have to be better human beings are humility, discipline and persistency. Rest I write to entertain and make people smile and believe in love.

  1. What will be your advice to the young writers out there?

I would say; if you truly believe in your story, then don’t let any obstacle come in between and see your dream come true.

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