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Art is not just a form of expression but a way of bringing people together – Divya Ramachandran

An artist is someone who brings in regular inspiration and newness into their work.
Lets take you through a story of a person who has been an artist by profession for the last seven years.

Divya Ramachandran was born in Delhi and did her schooling in the US and India. Art was a part of her since childhood and she used to explore and sketch on notebooks whenever she had time.

Later, as a yoing woman, she went on to doing her Masters in Design in Milan and then travelled across Europe. Here, she got inspired by students and early stage artists who tried to get creative every chance they had. This was why she decided to consider teaching Art and guide aspiring artists with her experience on how to move forward creatively.

She came back to Bangalore and taught at Srishti College of Art and Design for two years. A year ago she moved to Chennai and kindled her passion for teaching and inspiring younger children, as she felt their creative thinking was more raw. Divya now works at Rainbow Fish Studio, an art space, where she creates the art syllabus for schools across India..

On a personal front, she used to paint using acrylic mediums for about four years, and later started diving into pen, ink and charcoal work. But her favourite medium still remains pen and ink.

Travel itself is a form of art which inspires Divya to spread her work and share her happiness.

“ Keep sketching! It’s the daily work that counts which will eventually shape your art as you go along!’



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