Not Giving Up On The Dream and The Story of Pet Fed : India’s First Pet Carnival


Words of the Founder,

‘During graduation days, I was a part of various events in college and also went looking for sponsorship for the same. So, after I finished college, I wanted to do something in the similar field as I knew that I was decently good at it’.

This actually sums up for the aspiring entrepreneurs on what we all should try our hands on, something with which we are good at.

Started in 2014 by Akshay Gupta, taking inspiration from global event properties like Comic Con, Pet Fed is carving a niche for itself.

The aim is to have a platform where pet owners can find everything that they would require for their pet related needs, from pet food to pet-friendly cars and to spread awareness about pet parenting.

This year Pet Fed is going to be held for the first time in Mumbai, while New Delhi has witnessed this festival continuously for the last 3 years. The team will also be expanding its operations to other cities like Bangalore in this fiscal.

Akshay Gupta also stated that ‘. I was thinking out loud, was searching for new and unexplored fields. I did my research and found that there were no events for pets in India. There were some in the western countries and were doing really well. That is how I came up with the idea of Pet Fed’.

Pet Fed takes up various initiatives such as teaching pet parents to be more responsible and help make India a more pet friendly country.

Akshay Gupta for once thought of leaving Pet Fed and going back to his father’s business  but he learned that for anything to work, you need to give it at least 2-3 years. You will always face setbacks on the way but you need to keep going forward.


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