Paws-up! New Age Doggy Treats Coming Your Way – Dogsee Chew


Paws-up! New Age Doggy Treats Coming Your Way
With the growing influence of vegetarianism, this entrepreneurial endeavour brainstormed over extending it to the canines. Dogsee Chew, the brainchild of Mr. Bhupendra Khanal, is a fast-becoming range of dog food products, 100% vegetarian, Gluten-free, and made mostly of cow and yak milk.

Providing three kinds of doggie-treats through extensive online marketing – puffies, chew bars, and chew nuggets – Dogsee Chew has taken dog-lovers by a storm.

Seeing dogs with healthier fur and teeth in Nepal was the apple to Mr Khanal’s Newton, and he immediately incorporated the use of yak milk in dog food.

A heads-up, or should one say ‘a paws-up’ to budding entrepreneurs, is, like Mr. Khanal, to keep one’s eyes open at all times, not missing a chance to contribute to society in all ways possible, such a healthier treats for our faithful companions.

Meghna Achar