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Boy running with indian flag

Love for one’s own country, a person who is loyal and cares about the country is called a true patriot.

A clutter of words that mean a form of noble settlement and a patriot is the one who does not only love his/her country but also is an active worker and ready to lay down life if required.

Living in a democratic country, one has a freedom to do anything he/she wants in conformation to the laws.

In India, we have seen more wrongdoings than the right ones in the name of freedom.

Why are we( the politicians, businessmen, salaried persons and other citizens) neglect the term ‘Loyalty and Caring’ towards your country?

You’re born here, nurtured here and majority of you have taken up education in this country

If we had realized this question, there would have been no need of ‘Swacch  Bharat Abhiyan’ or any other policy/plan to care for our country.

The question still remains on whether ‘The Spate of Patriots or The Unearthed Patriots’ would be the winner?

One shall not be called as a patriot for standing up for the national anthem and making it a joke afterward or even beating people who aren’t  respecting the national anthem.

There was a song that I heard few days before and the words stated above were the same as conveyed through the song.

The song says,

Everything is not conveyed through an action, a belief of love is a stronger form to convey the patriotism.

The song also talks about the sacrifice of pleasures, lives, and families made by our ancestor heroes and people deployed in the army.

When we enlist the names of patriots and compare it with ‘We’ mentioned in the question above, we are the majority, and for this very reason, there is an endless number of corruption, scams and other forms of illegal activities happening in our country.

Again, we ask ourselves a question on  Why have we become too selfish or too self-centered? and also find a solution on How Do We Move Ahead as a Group? Do we really need to be regulated by government or We can ourselves be Loyal and take care of our country?

We wish you a Happy Republic Day and you can also listen to Republic Day Speech in Telugu

As we wind up the chapter of Patriotism, don’t forget  to listen to the song listed below:


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