The Panda Helper App : A Detailed Guide in 2019


Panda helper app allows you download free and modified applications for your android and iOS device. It is the first tweak apps which consumes very small space for like 10 KB. It is available to download on iOS version 8.0+. Have best UI and Panda Helper runs on the slowest internet connection too. Presently stated to be one of the best alternative of Cydia which is almost dead.

While the regular, free version of Panda Helper is ad-supported, paying for the app removes those ads and you get a far better experience as well as more to choose from. Panda App is definitely one of the best third-party iOS installers and offers a huge choice of games and apps – choose to go with the VIP version and you get a lot more , and none of those irritating ads.

Jailbreaks are so far apart now that we could easily be forgiven for thinking it’s all over. The last jailbreak released was Yalu for iOS 10 and that was only usable on 64-bit iPhones, leaving the bulk of the community without access to Cydia. Luckily, we do have some alternatives to fall back on. Several app installers have been released to provide a few Cydia tweaks along with a whole heap of paid apps for free and modified apps. The latest one is called Panda Helper and it is one of the most comprehensive yet.

Panda Helper is an unofficial app store, packed with paid and premium app store apps, all for free. Also available are several modified apps, including some of the most popular ++ apps and, because Cydia is not required, its open to more people to use, including Android users.Thou there are a lot of rumours about the APK version of Panda helper for IOS coming soon but none of them has been assured by the official website.

Download Panda Helper for iOS

  1. Go to Panda Helper official site and download it.
  2. After downloading the file, go to settings and allow untrustworthy downloads to get install.
  3. Once done, open the .IPA file and click on install and tick all the terms they say as per your convenience.
  4. Now, open the app and you are ready to go and enjoy your favourite paid apps and games for free.

How to Install Panda Helper for iOS

  1. Search the folder in which you downloaded Panda Helper .ipa file earlier.
  2. Utilize a File Explorer app to navigate to the folder.
  3. Files downloaded from the web are regularly found in the ipa folder or Downloads folder.
  4. To execute the file as well as start installation, tap the ipa file. Confirm your action – tap ‘Install’.

Is Panda Helper Safe?

  • First thing about Panda Helper app , unlike many other similar installers, when you install Panda Helper, you do not need to provide your Apple ID; this means that Apple cannot track your usage and they cannot invalidate your warranty.
  • Panda Helper does not require Cydia to work, which means anyone can use it on iOS 9 through to iOS 12 without any trouble at all. And, not having Cydia means that, once again, your warranty can’t be invalidated.
  • The developers of Panda Helper have given their app installer a thorough test to make sure there are no problems with it; it is reliable, it is stable and there is no malware hiding anywhere in there to do your device harm. Plus Panda Helper is updated very regularly, not just with new content but with improvements and bug fixes when required


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