How a 20 Year Old Won The Hearts of BBC at The Big Painting Challenge- Pakhi Dixit


A 20-year-old undergraduate student and a half engineer, she is still trying to survive through college (Engineering) basically.
Born and brought up in Jhansi, she currently resides in Kanpur and studies in Jaipur. She is a Google certified Data Analytics, AdWords and Mobile Sites professional with CME Accredited courses from Stanford University School of Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine and University of Toronto. She has authored two books and was a part of three poetry anthologies.
Two years back when she started working with a few startups as a content writer, she had no clue that this business bug would bite her so hard. She was detected with autoimmune disease of connective tissues this year and had to come back home mid semester. With absolutely nothing to do, she decided to reinvent her family’s business of wooden artwork which came to a dead end because her parents are government officials.
She was never into arts as such but after giving one shot at the woodwork and wall murals herself, she knew that this is something as important to her as breathing is.
Still in a learning process, her work has been appreciated by BBC’s The Big Painting Challenge and has been elatedly selected by The Buddhist Society of Western Australia and 17 ISKCON Centers across the world for display.
She is now planning to relaunch it in India and expand the work at the international level.
We wish her all the best!


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